Oct 19, 2011

Can Will Smith Save the NBA Season?

It was announced today that actor and PG rapper Will Smith has joined the new ownership group for the 76ers, the team that represents his hometown, Philadelphia. Of course there were no discussions of the present lockout that has so far cancelled the first two weeks of this years NBA season, but they did discuss their attempts to draw a larger crowd to the teams games at the Wells Fargo Center, which includes drastically reducing seat pricing, of course that won't work until there are actually games scheduled that fans can attend! I'm still remaining hopeful that this lockout will come to an end soon, and hey if Will Smith can become a boxing champion, save the world from aliens on more than once occasion and prevent drug cartels from ruling our cities, perhaps he can help save this year's season? Granted it may be far-fetched but this is the same man who's even offered his own organs to save the lives of others! He is a superhero after all...

Wait. What? That wasn't real? A girl can dream, can't she?

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