Sep 23, 2011

Ron Artest's Changing the Game his Name

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest legally changed his name last week, and yes this is absolutely news worthy. You can now refer to the anger management class-attendee (thanks to his antics on the court and towards fans), Metta World Peace. I guess the classes are paying off since not only is the man advocating for peace, but his new first name, Metta is a Buddhist term used to describe "loving kindness and friendliness toward others." How very inspiring, Art... Metta. I noticed last season that World Peace (sigh) was definitely a calmer, less aggitated player who often took the role of peace-keeper, so maybe this is just a sign that he's a changed man and ready to let go of the Ron Artest of the past. A bit excessive? Perhaps, but this man believes that "Changing [his] name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world. I'm glad that it is now official." So are we, my friend. So are we.

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