Sep 8, 2011

MTV VMAs: Selena Gomez & The Biebs

Justin Bieber's teeny girlfriend, Selena Gomez co-hosted the MTV VMA Pre-Show at the Nokia Theatre, in this Gothic inspired, black lace Julien MacDonald. I'm a fan of the lace, even the high neckline- which I'd normally say ages her, but the long train/skirt overlay in the back is horrible and adding not just years but centuries to the young "Love You Like a Love Song" singer. If only she would have done away with that and left it as a simple mini-skirt, it still would have made a statement, thanks to the neckline, and would have also looked good. Fortunately her beau only half-assed his commitment to arriving as a "themed" couple.

First I have a major confession to share, when Biebs won one of his awards, I no longer remember which one- it's irrelevant, I.... I....I... I found him attractive! What is wrong with me? I find a goddamn embryo attractive?!?! It must have been the glasses and new haircut (yea I noticed it Bieber), because my lady friend (emphasis on the word "lady") felt the same way. All kinds of wrong! Of course now that I've seen his pants and shoes, my fever has cooled down. Thank god! Or thank leopard!

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