Sep 6, 2011

Laser Hair Removal: Beauty Bar

Lately I've been getting really fed up with constantly having to wax, shave, pluck and tweeze away my unwanted body hair (which is pretty much all of it), so I started looking into permanent ways to rid myself of any extra fuzz. There's the old school, painful electrolysis option (yes it's still done in some places), which doesn't sound like any fun and takes an unfortunately long time. The only appealing and reasonable option left for me is laser hair removal, which uses a laser instead of a needle, to zap away unwanted hair with pulses of light at a specific wavelength eliminating growth at the affected root.

In the past this method hasn't always been completely pain free and wasn't available for those with darker or tanned skin, and that's where the Soprano laser comes in, it promises pain-free removal and can be used by a larger range of skin tones. Now you may be thinking that something this great would be ridiculously expensive, and it can be, but fortunately for those residing in the Greater Toronto area Beauty Bar Laser Clinic is offering a limited time promotion to celebrate their website launch. You've got less than 3 days to take advantage of this great offer from the leaders in aesthetics enhancements, who also offer cellulite reduction and teeth whitening. Check the website asap and visit your closest !

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