Sep 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Prince Harry!

It's official, the Royal Blacksheep is another year older, but more importantly, he's actually in my dating age-range! I can not believe that! I remember when I was younger and began checking out the Royal brothers, I was a Prince William girl all the way, but a large part of that was due to age. Then Prince Harry started started growing up and was kind of bad ass and I wanted to announce my new favourite Royal Brother but thought there was too much of an age gap. Well I'm older and wiser now, much like Harry, and realize that a couple of years is nothing. So Harry, Happy 27th birthday, your present is waiting for you in Toronto.

And for the rest of you hoping to catch a glimpse of the birthday boy letting loose, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait until Harry's done his Apache helicopter pilot training at the Royal Air Force's Wattisham airfield. In the meantime I've providing you all with some photos of the hot military man, think of it as my gift to you!

So cute! So handsome!

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