Sep 13, 2011

2011 Toronto International Film Festival

It's now Day 6 of the Toronto International Film Festival, and oddly enough I haven't taken part in any of the festivities, but that's all going to change tonight! Private party, with some Lakers and Ludacris, and tomorrow a viewing of Jeff Who Lives at Home, starring the adorably hilarious Jason Segal.

You may have missed your chance to see Brangelina and George Clooney walking through the streets of our bustling city, and Madonna may have asked you to face a wall or look at your feet as she walked past (as she did all the volunteers at the press conference for her second attempt directing for WE), but don't worry you still have a few more days to catch a glimpse of some of your favourite celebs.

Another reason to celebrate? Entourage's Adrian Grenier is on his way back to Toronto to promote his documentary Teenage Paparazzo, so take advantage of your chance to say goodbye to Mr. Vinny Chase; don't even get me started on the Entourage series finale! Happy spotting!

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