Sep 30, 2011

NBA Lockout Continues

And it's really starting to freak me out! Now before men start drooling that I'm not only feminine but also some crazy sports fan, let me be the first to tell you, I'm not. There are only two sports I am interested in watching on TV and one is beach volleyball, which I haven't actually caught a full game in years, and the other is basketball. I'm not sure what it was about basketball that initially drew my attention, perhaps it was the favoured sport of a boy I liked when I was 11, or maybe it's that I have a weakness for tall men (aka the players), either way I enjoy it, I cheer, I shout, I've hit the people sitting next to me (by sheer reflex) and I look forward to the start of the season. Unfortunately that season is presently being threatened by an unnecessary lockout, while the two sides: NBA commission David Stern and the union president, LA Laker Point Guard Derek Fisher argue over salary caps.

The two sides are meeting again today, along with the owners, the 11-member Labor Relations Committee, and the union's Executive Committee; they've also opened up the meeting to any other owners or players who wish to attend, stating that this possible season delay will affect both sides. It is expected, by the end of the weekend, that it will be known whether or not the NBA will have to postpone or cancel regular-season games which was slated to begin November 1st. This will only be the second time in NBA history the league will be forced to cancel part of its schedule, the first being in 1998 due to a six-month long lockout cut the season to a mere 50 games! Pre-season games have already been cancelled, and as of last Friday as was the opening week.
"If we can't find a way to get some common ground really, really soon, then the time of starting the regular season at its scheduled date is going to be in jeopardy big-time."
Tell em Fish! I just want to see my boys play! I miss them, and I've got my teams picked and I'm ready to go! At least I was able to catch the ridiculously handsome Dwyane Wade on Jimmy Fallon last night... Shows better start slotting a different player for every day, so that I can get my fix.

Sep 28, 2011

How to Make It In America Premiere

Sunday October 2nd, the NYC show that appeals to fashionistas, business-people and hip hop heads alike premieres on HBO, and I can't express how grateful I am that they are bringing it back! I was worried that although the show was great it didn't draw enough of a following, but clearly I was wrong.... which is a rarity, but thank God it happened this once.

New York's LES is a place like no other -- hustlers, immigrants, rabbis and rockers but amidst the melting pot, one man stands alone -- LUIS GUZMAN

For those unfamiliar with the show, it follows the story of two friends trying to make it in NYC's exclusive Fashion Scene, as they search for investors, opportunities and deal with heartbreak and life in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The man above is one of the gents "gangster" cousin who they turned to for a loan... You'll get the whole story this Sunday, October 2nd at 10:30.

Sep 27, 2011

Toronto Tuesday: Shuffle Turns 6

For the past year my girlfriend and I have been attending Shuffle parties religiously, and every time we end the night with a giant smile on our face thanks to a night well danced! Well this Friday, Sept. 30th marks the anniversary of the party that started at Revival Nightclub 6 years ago! The event has gotten bigger and better thanks to the crowd it draws and the music it provides, and this month the 1 LOVE TO boys are bringing back the originals, Team Canada.

Needless to say, this event is going to be big and you'll see me there with my towering dancing shoes (I may be dancing, but I still wear heels, naturally), dancing with the crowd to a great shuffle (hence the name) of hip hop, dance, reggae and more. You can find me and the rest of the shufflers at partying with the evening's host, T-RexXx from MuchMusic's Rap City at 6 Degrees at 2335 Yonge St just north of Eglinton, this is going to be big, so arrive early!

Everyday I'm shufflin!

For guest list and bottle service you can email the gents at

Sep 23, 2011

Ron Artest's Changing the Game his Name

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest legally changed his name last week, and yes this is absolutely news worthy. You can now refer to the anger management class-attendee (thanks to his antics on the court and towards fans), Metta World Peace. I guess the classes are paying off since not only is the man advocating for peace, but his new first name, Metta is a Buddhist term used to describe "loving kindness and friendliness toward others." How very inspiring, Art... Metta. I noticed last season that World Peace (sigh) was definitely a calmer, less aggitated player who often took the role of peace-keeper, so maybe this is just a sign that he's a changed man and ready to let go of the Ron Artest of the past. A bit excessive? Perhaps, but this man believes that "Changing [his] name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world. I'm glad that it is now official." So are we, my friend. So are we.

Sep 22, 2011

Blu - Avenge Of The Cheap Ass ft Sene

Keeping with the Manifesto theme occurring here in Toronto this week, it seems appropriate to post this newly discovered track from Blu, one of the festivals closing concert performers. Download and listen to "Avenge of the Cheap Ass" below and join me in the countdown for Blu's live performance at Dundas Square.

Blu's self-produced upcoming album Open, drops this Tuesday Sept 27th

Sep 21, 2011

B.o.B - Welcome to the Jungle

If you're anything like me you've had Jay-Z and Kanye West's, Watch the Throne on constant repeat since the second it was released, and that doesn't include all the repetitious plays of "Otis" as you waiting for the release date to arrive. Well it looks like Bobby Ray's been listening to the album a lot too and was even inspired to record his own rendition of the Swizz Beatz produced track "Welcome to the Jungle". Nothing wrong with that. Download the track below and let me know which version you prefer?

Shouts to 2Dopeboyz for the heads up!

*Reminder to Toronto and nearby residents, Boot Camp Clik is live tonight at the Sound Academy! See you there?

Sep 20, 2011

Manifesto Festival

Thursday Sept 15th kicked off the beginning of the 5th Annual Manifesto Festival here in our magnificent city of Toronto, and it continues until this Sunday Sept 25th. The festival is 11 days, 14 events filled with art, music, culture and community bringing together 100s of artists and performers showcasing their talents to the masses, and inspiring a greater sense of community in such a large city.

Last night Shaun Boothe performed (in my neighbourhood), tomorrow is Manifesto Movie Night and Boot Camp Clik is performing live alongside Sean P, Smif n' Wessen and more at the Sound Academy! You can catch me taking in Saturday's "So Much Things to Say" showcase, featuring my fam Meka from and Lowkey from YouHeardThatNew on the "North American Blogger Panel," and Lola from ILuvLola "Who You Callin' a B?! U.N.I.T.Y." panel.

What I'm most excited about is the finale performance on Sunday, where Phonte and 9th Wonder of Little Brother will be performing! As will Blu and Exile, Rakim & Kid Capri, JD Era and a ridiculous slew more. With music provided by Meka, and Toronto's favourite DJ, DJ Wristpect.

There's just so much going on this week and the weather is beautiful... damn I love this city!

Sep 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Prince Harry!

It's official, the Royal Blacksheep is another year older, but more importantly, he's actually in my dating age-range! I can not believe that! I remember when I was younger and began checking out the Royal brothers, I was a Prince William girl all the way, but a large part of that was due to age. Then Prince Harry started started growing up and was kind of bad ass and I wanted to announce my new favourite Royal Brother but thought there was too much of an age gap. Well I'm older and wiser now, much like Harry, and realize that a couple of years is nothing. So Harry, Happy 27th birthday, your present is waiting for you in Toronto.

And for the rest of you hoping to catch a glimpse of the birthday boy letting loose, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait until Harry's done his Apache helicopter pilot training at the Royal Air Force's Wattisham airfield. In the meantime I've providing you all with some photos of the hot military man, think of it as my gift to you!

So cute! So handsome!

Sep 13, 2011

2011 Toronto International Film Festival

It's now Day 6 of the Toronto International Film Festival, and oddly enough I haven't taken part in any of the festivities, but that's all going to change tonight! Private party, with some Lakers and Ludacris, and tomorrow a viewing of Jeff Who Lives at Home, starring the adorably hilarious Jason Segal.

You may have missed your chance to see Brangelina and George Clooney walking through the streets of our bustling city, and Madonna may have asked you to face a wall or look at your feet as she walked past (as she did all the volunteers at the press conference for her second attempt directing for WE), but don't worry you still have a few more days to catch a glimpse of some of your favourite celebs.

Another reason to celebrate? Entourage's Adrian Grenier is on his way back to Toronto to promote his documentary Teenage Paparazzo, so take advantage of your chance to say goodbye to Mr. Vinny Chase; don't even get me started on the Entourage series finale! Happy spotting!

Sep 12, 2011

The Airplane Boys - Ice Age (video)

I was first introduced to Toronto duo, The Airplane Boys this past January when they opened for Big Sean at Revival, since then I've been able to catch them live on more than one occasion and they always put on a great show. Most recently the creative and somewhat eccentric Boys got to open for J. Cole last Saturday night (September 4th) at the Sound Academy.

The Boys released new visuals from their synthed-out hiphop mixtape, Where’ve You Been? for their Radiohead influenced track "Ice Age," directed by Warren Credo. Watch the video below,

Love it? Download Where've You Been, here! You can find The Airplane Boys next in the UK touring with Snoop Dogg!

Sep 8, 2011

MTV VMAs: Selena Gomez & The Biebs

Justin Bieber's teeny girlfriend, Selena Gomez co-hosted the MTV VMA Pre-Show at the Nokia Theatre, in this Gothic inspired, black lace Julien MacDonald. I'm a fan of the lace, even the high neckline- which I'd normally say ages her, but the long train/skirt overlay in the back is horrible and adding not just years but centuries to the young "Love You Like a Love Song" singer. If only she would have done away with that and left it as a simple mini-skirt, it still would have made a statement, thanks to the neckline, and would have also looked good. Fortunately her beau only half-assed his commitment to arriving as a "themed" couple.

First I have a major confession to share, when Biebs won one of his awards, I no longer remember which one- it's irrelevant, I.... I....I... I found him attractive! What is wrong with me? I find a goddamn embryo attractive?!?! It must have been the glasses and new haircut (yea I noticed it Bieber), because my lady friend (emphasis on the word "lady") felt the same way. All kinds of wrong! Of course now that I've seen his pants and shoes, my fever has cooled down. Thank god! Or thank leopard!

Sep 7, 2011

MTV Video Music Awards: Stunners

Every time I go to my youtube page in attempts to watch my favourites playlist, I'm interrupted by trailers of Zoe Saldana's new film, Colombiana. Which have clearly done their job, because once my annoyance had subsided, I really want to see it! Add to the fact that Zoe shows up everywhere looking like this! Zoe looks effortlessly stunning in a tweed and leather, military inspired Barbara Bui LBD and snake-skin heels. She looks incredible, I almost believe she's capable of breaking into a prison, killing a dude and somehow making her way out again...

I'm certain I've said this about Victoria Justice in the past, but I have no idea who she is, and the only reason I've included her is because she's wearing something shiny, and her THEIA mini and Rock and Republic pumps are an excellent choice for this event; and because she looks a lot like Nina Dobrev, which I am getting pretty pumped for the return of Vampire Diaries!

And the number 1 stunner of the evening, on so many levels, Beyonce Knowles not only announces her pregnancy to a congratulatory and joyous crowd (I could not have found Jay-Z cuter at the moment she revealed her baby bump!), but she looks marvelous in this orange, one-shoulder, silk crepe Lanvin gown. It's the perfect dress to hide a bump, without actually appearing like you're trying to hide anything. I've already said, I'm looking forward to watching B's maternity fashion over the next 7 months!

Sep 6, 2011

Laser Hair Removal: Beauty Bar

Lately I've been getting really fed up with constantly having to wax, shave, pluck and tweeze away my unwanted body hair (which is pretty much all of it), so I started looking into permanent ways to rid myself of any extra fuzz. There's the old school, painful electrolysis option (yes it's still done in some places), which doesn't sound like any fun and takes an unfortunately long time. The only appealing and reasonable option left for me is laser hair removal, which uses a laser instead of a needle, to zap away unwanted hair with pulses of light at a specific wavelength eliminating growth at the affected root.

In the past this method hasn't always been completely pain free and wasn't available for those with darker or tanned skin, and that's where the Soprano laser comes in, it promises pain-free removal and can be used by a larger range of skin tones. Now you may be thinking that something this great would be ridiculously expensive, and it can be, but fortunately for those residing in the Greater Toronto area Beauty Bar Laser Clinic is offering a limited time promotion to celebrate their website launch. You've got less than 3 days to take advantage of this great offer from the leaders in aesthetics enhancements, who also offer cellulite reduction and teeth whitening. Check the website asap and visit your closest !
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