Aug 25, 2011

RIP Aaliyah, 10 Years Later

Ten years has passed since that airplane crash that killed the Princess of RnB and actress, Aaliyah and 8 other passengers, and since then her memory has continued to haunt and influence her fans, friends and music community. I still find myself singing her songs, "Rock the Boat" crosses my lips or gets stuck in my head more times than I can admit, and I never even considered myself a real Aaliyah fan! She had a soft, sweet voices and some catchy beats and melodies, thanks to both Missy Elliot and Timbaland production. Besides her music and movies what I will remember most about the Brooklyn born songstress, was the affect she had on her peers and the memorials they dedicated to her after the fact; she had to have been pretty amazing, personally, for such genuine, heart-wrenching and heart-felt reactions. As she said in the only "Diary Of..." episode that I ever approved of, "You think you know, but you have know idea..." Aaliyah's death and the affect she had on millions, could not have proved that statement more.

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