Aug 8, 2011

Music Monday: Cee-Lo Green- Cry Baby (video)

I'm back from a fabulous (yet too short) vacation to Portugal and Spain, and I'm greeted with the Teen Choice Awards, that aired last night; new Jay-Z and Kanye West; and new visuals from Cee-Lo Green's third solo album, The Lady Killer. Cee Lo *apparently the hyphen has been dropped now?* appears to be loving the 50s era, as per the inspiration of his latest music videos and even the melody of many tracks on this album. The latest visual is for "Cry Baby," which inspires images and flashbacks from the Johnny Depp cult-favourite movie of the same title, so perhaps that's another reason for the 50s style. It's a fun, light song and video, even though it's a bit of a Fuck You to woman's emotions and reactions to the way men can fuck us over and lie to their partners!

Anyone else notice that's Urkel as the heartbreaker? He looks good... never thought I'd say that!

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