Jul 3, 2011

True Blood Sundays

It's official the new season of True Blood is here! Last Sunday during the Season 4 Premiere, we learned that not all fairies are good, in fact they are a little scary. Sookie's been missing from Bon Temps, Louisiana for a whole year, while experiencing her little escape from reality to "Fairyville," and in that time Lafayette has got a mohawk and Jesus has joined a coven? Tara moved away, is a cage-fighter and has "switched teams." Bill Compton is now King, and enticingly seductive Eric never gave up on the fairy he possibly loves (Sookie that is), thus bought her house so that he "owns" her-- Sounds like love to me. Unfortunately absent from the screen was Alcide, but here's hoping we'll see his tantalizing werewolf body face, whichever, tonight!

Also, Sam Merlotte has found a group of shifters to run with, while his younger brother Tommy shacks up (in the most baffling turn of events) with Hoyt's mother. Hoyt and Jessica are living a disgruntled domestic life; and Jason Stackhouse is now Bon Temps Sherriff and has been taking care of the kids up in Hotshot while Crystal is still awol. There was a lot of information packed in that half hour, but very little on "the pack" (werewolf reference), so I will again reiterate my expectations for tonight's episode, and hopefully things will also start to flow together and make sense.

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