Jul 18, 2011

Music Monday: The Weeknd Live

I just can't seem to stop posting Canadian topics, it's officially Canadian Month! Now that declaration is out of the way, I have another one: I LOVE The Weeknd! I'm talking, obsessed! I have House of Balloons on repeat, and have difficulty putting anything else on, and I'm counting the days until Thursday, the second installment of this album trilogy is released. If you follow Drake on Twitter, you would have read him quoting this 20 year old's Toronto natives lyrics to "Wicked Games," Bring your love baby I can bring my shame/Bring the drugs baby I can bring my pain/I got my heart right here, I got my scars right here/..So tell me you love me/Only for tonight, Some of my favourite lyrics from the track. The Weeknd has received a great amount of industry notoriety since the March 21, 2011 release of his 9 track EP. And I can hear why, the album is filled with tales of lust, pain, and over-indulgence set over twisted, melodic synthesizers and a arousal-inducing bass beat. It's sex, raw, intense, unforgiving and uncontrolled.

The Weeknd's live presence has been mostly kept underaps with "secret" appearances that buzz among the industry crowd, but finally the man is bringing his talent to the public, with a performance at The Mod Club this Sunday July 24th. Naturally the show sold out the beginning of the month, but there's still a chance to win tickets via 1 Love T.O.'s website.

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