Jul 11, 2011

MMVA Hosts

We're nearing the end of Canada Week, which seems like the perfect opportunity to close out the remaining attendees at Toronto's MMVAs. (Hey if they can repeat the show 1276 times until April 2012, then I can keep posting about it 3 weeks after the event happened!)

How have I never noticed this beautiful man before today (well before June 19th)?!?!?

Much Music VJ Jesse Giddings looked great on the Red Carpet, and it's not just his pretty face that I'm admiring; The white blazer, skinny jeans, gingham shirt, pocket square are all great. I especially love the peek-a-boo tattoo he has on his chest.

Another MuchMusic newcomer and standout was Phoebe Dykstra. I've noticed her on air a few times in the past and wondered where she came from and who she is; now I wonder the same only with less contempt and more intrigue. She looks great! Perhaps much has found it's next "alternative girl," after Sook-Yin Lee's departure.... Perhaps.

Another newcomer VJ Liz Trinnear, who won the MuchMusic VJ search 2 years ago (instead of my amazing friend Ashley), wasn't as fortunate as Phoebe. I feel like this is good in thought, perhaps in pieces but the execution isn't working for me. That skirt reminds me of something I would of worn in 1994.

The cast of MTV Canada carried around a cut-out of the "Heavy annoying girl;" and no, that is not me being tactless and mean, that is literally the "character" she plays. It's her shtick, and it's annoying. Besides the shoe/hem of Nicole's look, she looks good, I actually approve of the underwear-revealing slit, mostly because it's not boring, unlike Aliyah.

Before I begin, it should be noted that I have a large bias against the hosts of E-Talk Daily. It's not totally their fault, my mother and her incessant watching of their program is mostly to blame. She'd actually watch the same episode 3 times, and of course I find the hosts annoying. Now that that disclaimer is out of the way, I quite like Tanya Kim's one-shoulder belted tangerine mini, the shoes are horrific, however. Ben Mulroney looks both dapper and dorky, which I can't fully get on board with; which is unfortunate because he's the one who annoys me the least. Lainey Lui on the other hand, her dress is a big old mess, but the shoes are interesting and cute. Blondy on the end looks like she read "How to Look Edgy, For Dummies" and put on the stereotypical black corset, black mini and platform shoes in attempts to fit in with all the musicians.

Speaking of typical, former MuchMusic VJ Leah Miller arrived with her musician husband Dallas Green, in her uniform: so tight it makes breathing difficult, short, nude bandage dress. It's rare you'll see her in anything but, and it's barely worth mentioning...

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