Jul 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

While I'm heading back to work after a Canada Day-long weekend, our Southern neighbours are enjoying similar festivities; complete with fireworks at dusk, lazy beach days- Lake Tahoe or Havasu would be a great choice, noshing on themed treats, celebrating their235 years of independence. It's funny that two countries with such distinct characteristics, yet somewhat similar lifestyles, share a weekend for a similar reason; even our national colours (yes with the "u") are almost identical, with the addition of blue for our American counter-parts. Even "funnier" still, even after all these similarities, it's still the biggest chore, bordering on impossible, to travel and move to the US! I'll share my AMAZING health care, if you share your enviable weather! I think that's a ridiculously fair deal. Enjoy your Fourth of July my American friends!

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