Jun 13, 2011

MTV Movie Awards Continued

As the MMVA's approaches, and MuchMusic's commercial plugs increases, it's a reminder that I have more MTV Movie Award photos to share, and they are truly magnifique.

Forget about Nikki Reed's tragic Heather dress, instead let's focus on her beau... Am I the only one that can't decide whether she's standing next to Aussie Hugh Jackman, or fellow Aussie Keith Urban?

Also perpetually tragic, was Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr in a black and white paisley alice + olivia jumpsuit. I'd probably like this as a top, but it's a little overwhelming as a whole suit; also Jess here always appears to be trying to hard to be unique.

Is Amanda Bynes seriously wearing yet another Herve Leger bandage dress? Is this really happening? I remember when she first stepped out in in this look, over-tanned, bleached, and in a Herve Leger bandage dress and I was surprised then (and a little disappointed in her transformation) and disgusted now. The only change worth noting are her aqua-green fringed Christian Louboutin's which could possibly be awesome with something else. Take note Mandy, something ELSE!

Aly Michalka looks great on Hellcats, she's got great hair and extremely enviable abs, and yet every time I see her on a red carpet or out and about, she looks like this... an over-the-top mess.

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