Jun 22, 2011

MMVA's: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

Sunday June 19th, the streets of Toronto were shut down for our Annual MuchMusic Video Awards, and this year our host was once again another Teen Queen, Selena Gomez. There's a large part of me that questions if she got the gig thanks to her public relationship with Canadian pop sensation and Tween Hearthrob (and sadly, I've even encountered a few adults who have caught the Fever), Justin Bieber. Naturally, I was hoping Biebs took home an award or two, so I could witness how these two young things interact on stage.

And with little surprise I got my wish! The first award of the night, was a tie... yes a tie, clearly we Canadians are a bit too diplomatic; between Drake and the Biebs for International Video of the Year by a Canadian (we're also a bit wordy and incredibly descript, it also seems). Much to my delight Bieber addressed Selena immediately, "Selena, nice to meet you, I'm Justin. You're very beautiful, maybe we can go out some time?" Which she then proceeded to roll her eyes, I was in voyeur heaven. They were cute, much like Selena's Dsquared² Monsieur Romper, nice segue, wouldn't you say? My only complaint was how noticeably skinny she appeared, also the amount of make-up that was piled on her young face. A girl of her age does NOT NEED that much foundation, fortunately her makeup slowly wore off throughout the evening, and her MUA continued to lighten her lips from red to a pale pink.

Selena's Red Carpet look was a little more formal and Awards show-typical, although she managed to keep her beige silk and chiffon Burberry Prorsum mini fun with an unexpected purple pair of Giuseppe Zanotti satin peep-toes. It was a welcome pop of colour, however it's a little too much shoe for such warm weather, clearly this non-resident didn't realize it's not always cold in Canada.

Her date, who walked the carpet without her, wore a t-shirt with a silk-screen of Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell, under a pale pink satin blazer, jeans and black trainers with hot pink soles. It was a good look for a young boy, but let's be honest, nobody believes he has any idea who the woman is on his chest, he's not even old enough to have caught the reruns!

Selena's third choice of the evening, was a Dolce & Gabbana mini that you can see Katy Perry model on the cover of Toronto's FASHION Magazine Summer 2011 issue. She's presenting here with MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor, who channeled Lady Gaga circa 2009 in a dress made of hair, for reasons unbeknownst to me, is something I would wear, but that's also because I have a weird affection towards dresses that look like figure skating costumes. Which I accredit to the my mother taking me out of figure skating at a young age, thus never fulfilling my skater's right to wear such short embellished under-appreciated gems.

Tell me, what's not to love?! You can do some pirouettes and triple sow-cow's, then throw on a pair of metallic sandals (or purple, your choice) and go hit the town and dance the night away... cautiously, no one needs to see your lady parts.

Selena's fourth choice as the MMVAs co-host was a cute but simple one-sleeved, beige mini. I like it, but it's a look that's safe and even over-done. This is a music event, go crazy! I'm not suggesting you glue green hair to your lady parts (I'll get into that later), but try walking the line, this is your chance to wear something you normally wouldn't, to express your creativity, it's that fearlessness (or desperation to stand out) that makes the Grammy's Red Carpet so entertaining!


  1. I may have Bieber Fever.... I do love the colour purple, isn't that one of the symptoms?

  2. Hahaha that is absolutely one of the symptoms!
    I may have caught a bit of it too... I bought the Bieber purple sparkle nail polish! GASP!


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