Jun 28, 2011

MMVA's: Lady Gaga & Dev

Lady Gaga's performance started the night, which then threw to The Far East Movement's "Like a G6" featuring Dev, who also performed her own track "Bass Down Low." Before I get into Gaga's appearance, which would normally deserve a post on its own, let's take a look at Dev.

On the Red Carpet Dev looked surprisingly cute, not at all what i would have expected from a woman who wore drool worthy studded platforms, that may prove difficult to walk in, since she was laying down the whole time in her music video. But I like it, I wouldn't mind something shockingly hot or edgy or even overtly trampy, but unexpectedly sweet is also welcome.

The outfit she chose to perform in, however was horribly unflattering. Now before I go any further, she looks pregnant and if she is, then I will take this all back, but if she's not, WTF?!?!?! is wrong with you? Why would you wear not only such a boring outfit to perform in, but also something that makes people think you're in your third trimester? Is that the new edgy thing to do? I am not on board! (Nor is there any baby either).

So let's talk Gaga, it may already be well known that I am not exactly a Gaga fan, but there are certainly some characteristics of hers that I can appreciate. This shitty song, "Edge of Glory" which she performed to open the night's festivities, is not one of them! I am sick of hearing how innovative this woman is, when all she's done is reproduce the EXACT sound from the 80's. There is no influence here, no fusion, this sounds EXACTLY like a song we would have danced horribly to in 1988-1990 (well, not "we" per se, since I was a little girl and a great dancer, but the rest of the mass public would have toe tapped and finger snapped their Footloose loving hearts away). The only positive, was her perfect eye-liner and her custom-made Versace jumpsuit. Who wouldn't love a Swarovski studded, shoulder-padded body suit with plunging neckline and Medusa details, even if she looks like she's wearing studded briefs?

While accepting her award for "Ur Fave International Artist," Gaga showed off some new found curves, thanks to a little weight gain. Who could resist such ample cleavage?! Normally I'd comment on how restricted her ladies must feel being belted in like that, but they look so good and full, that I really can't complain. I may have thought her body looked rocking during her controversial performance at MTV's 2009 Video Music Awards, and was appreciative of her svelte figure in the "Telephone" video, but these new curves are welcome!

Her next appearance on stage Gaga brightened things up, but still stuck with her late 80's/early 90s vibe, she accepted the award for in a Swarovski crystal encrusted, Vintage Versace and pants combo, topped with a colourful graphic printed trench, which reminded me of a Betty & Veronica comic.

Lady Gaga helped close out the show in one of the most absurd "statements" I've ever had the [dis]pleasure to witness. Not only did she wear a yellow & black leopard print blazer, reminiscent of lead singer of the Misfits "Pizzazz" (the connection to Jem is the only real positive here), she decided to glue aqua hair not only to her underarms (which was visible after she removed the jacket), but also to her lady parts, or Hot Pocket as Chelsea Handler affectionately calls it. I'm all for a 70's bush, which is one of the biggest reasons I prefer vintage Playboy issues (that and the tan lines, the fashion and the natural bodies and assets), but what she's trying to convey with this addition, I have no idea.


  1. I do like Gaga, but you're right, her music is not that special, with Gaga, the visuals are the driving force of her artistry. Everyone is raving about how great her new album is and how it's raging with guitars but I still can't figure out what song is metallicized because most of it sounds like bad Europop. That being said, she is a unique artist because she's the only one who has an over the top persona. Since the 90's artists have been trying to prove that they are 'normal people with real problems', but fuck that, I don't want my rock stars to be regular, I want them to be from outer space. I appreciate Gaga because she has an imagination, she sticks out because most of today's artists come equipped with stylists and songwriters and have no vision of their own. The opening acts for the MMVA's proved this true, I have never heard such an onslaught of soulless music, Dev looking preggers was only half the problem. Did she forget to take her birth control? Cuz her performance seem fucked.

  2. her music is very special.lLAdy gaga that is.

  3. Ms. Ugarkovic! I miss you!!!!


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