Jun 28, 2011

MMVA's: Lady Gaga & Dev

Lady Gaga's performance started the night, which then threw to The Far East Movement's "Like a G6" featuring Dev, who also performed her own track "Bass Down Low." Before I get into Gaga's appearance, which would normally deserve a post on its own, let's take a look at Dev.

On the Red Carpet Dev looked surprisingly cute, not at all what i would have expected from a woman who wore drool worthy studded platforms, that may prove difficult to walk in, since she was laying down the whole time in her music video. But I like it, I wouldn't mind something shockingly hot or edgy or even overtly trampy, but unexpectedly sweet is also welcome.

The outfit she chose to perform in, however was horribly unflattering. Now before I go any further, she looks pregnant and if she is, then I will take this all back, but if she's not, WTF?!?!?! is wrong with you? Why would you wear not only such a boring outfit to perform in, but also something that makes people think you're in your third trimester? Is that the new edgy thing to do? I am not on board! (Nor is there any baby either).

So let's talk Gaga, it may already be well known that I am not exactly a Gaga fan, but there are certainly some characteristics of hers that I can appreciate. This shitty song, "Edge of Glory" which she performed to open the night's festivities, is not one of them! I am sick of hearing how innovative this woman is, when all she's done is reproduce the EXACT sound from the 80's. There is no influence here, no fusion, this sounds EXACTLY like a song we would have danced horribly to in 1988-1990 (well, not "we" per se, since I was a little girl and a great dancer, but the rest of the mass public would have toe tapped and finger snapped their Footloose loving hearts away). The only positive, was her perfect eye-liner and her custom-made Versace jumpsuit. Who wouldn't love a Swarovski studded, shoulder-padded body suit with plunging neckline and Medusa details, even if she looks like she's wearing studded briefs?

While accepting her award for "Ur Fave International Artist," Gaga showed off some new found curves, thanks to a little weight gain. Who could resist such ample cleavage?! Normally I'd comment on how restricted her ladies must feel being belted in like that, but they look so good and full, that I really can't complain. I may have thought her body looked rocking during her controversial performance at MTV's 2009 Video Music Awards, and was appreciative of her svelte figure in the "Telephone" video, but these new curves are welcome!

Her next appearance on stage Gaga brightened things up, but still stuck with her late 80's/early 90s vibe, she accepted the award for in a Swarovski crystal encrusted, Vintage Versace and pants combo, topped with a colourful graphic printed trench, which reminded me of a Betty & Veronica comic.

Lady Gaga helped close out the show in one of the most absurd "statements" I've ever had the [dis]pleasure to witness. Not only did she wear a yellow & black leopard print blazer, reminiscent of lead singer of the Misfits "Pizzazz" (the connection to Jem is the only real positive here), she decided to glue aqua hair not only to her underarms (which was visible after she removed the jacket), but also to her lady parts, or Hot Pocket as Chelsea Handler affectionately calls it. I'm all for a 70's bush, which is one of the biggest reasons I prefer vintage Playboy issues (that and the tan lines, the fashion and the natural bodies and assets), but what she's trying to convey with this addition, I have no idea.

Jun 22, 2011

MMVA's: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

Sunday June 19th, the streets of Toronto were shut down for our Annual MuchMusic Video Awards, and this year our host was once again another Teen Queen, Selena Gomez. There's a large part of me that questions if she got the gig thanks to her public relationship with Canadian pop sensation and Tween Hearthrob (and sadly, I've even encountered a few adults who have caught the Fever), Justin Bieber. Naturally, I was hoping Biebs took home an award or two, so I could witness how these two young things interact on stage.

And with little surprise I got my wish! The first award of the night, was a tie... yes a tie, clearly we Canadians are a bit too diplomatic; between Drake and the Biebs for International Video of the Year by a Canadian (we're also a bit wordy and incredibly descript, it also seems). Much to my delight Bieber addressed Selena immediately, "Selena, nice to meet you, I'm Justin. You're very beautiful, maybe we can go out some time?" Which she then proceeded to roll her eyes, I was in voyeur heaven. They were cute, much like Selena's Dsquared² Monsieur Romper, nice segue, wouldn't you say? My only complaint was how noticeably skinny she appeared, also the amount of make-up that was piled on her young face. A girl of her age does NOT NEED that much foundation, fortunately her makeup slowly wore off throughout the evening, and her MUA continued to lighten her lips from red to a pale pink.

Selena's Red Carpet look was a little more formal and Awards show-typical, although she managed to keep her beige silk and chiffon Burberry Prorsum mini fun with an unexpected purple pair of Giuseppe Zanotti satin peep-toes. It was a welcome pop of colour, however it's a little too much shoe for such warm weather, clearly this non-resident didn't realize it's not always cold in Canada.

Her date, who walked the carpet without her, wore a t-shirt with a silk-screen of Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell, under a pale pink satin blazer, jeans and black trainers with hot pink soles. It was a good look for a young boy, but let's be honest, nobody believes he has any idea who the woman is on his chest, he's not even old enough to have caught the reruns!

Selena's third choice of the evening, was a Dolce & Gabbana mini that you can see Katy Perry model on the cover of Toronto's FASHION Magazine Summer 2011 issue. She's presenting here with MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor, who channeled Lady Gaga circa 2009 in a dress made of hair, for reasons unbeknownst to me, is something I would wear, but that's also because I have a weird affection towards dresses that look like figure skating costumes. Which I accredit to the my mother taking me out of figure skating at a young age, thus never fulfilling my skater's right to wear such short embellished under-appreciated gems.

Tell me, what's not to love?! You can do some pirouettes and triple sow-cow's, then throw on a pair of metallic sandals (or purple, your choice) and go hit the town and dance the night away... cautiously, no one needs to see your lady parts.

Selena's fourth choice as the MMVAs co-host was a cute but simple one-sleeved, beige mini. I like it, but it's a look that's safe and even over-done. This is a music event, go crazy! I'm not suggesting you glue green hair to your lady parts (I'll get into that later), but try walking the line, this is your chance to wear something you normally wouldn't, to express your creativity, it's that fearlessness (or desperation to stand out) that makes the Grammy's Red Carpet so entertaining!

Jun 19, 2011

Hugh Hefner Broken-Hearted

The new issue of Playboy has been revised with a special "Runaway Bride" sticker over the cover, which was inspired after the former-future Mrs. Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris broke off their wedding that was expected to happen this Saturday, June 18th. Hef spent his wedding night screening a film fitting for his recent woes, "Since we're not getting married on Saturday, I've scheduled a movie: "Runaway Bride." Seems appropriate." He tweeted on Tuesday evening.

While Hef watched a movie on what was supposed to be his wedding day, Crystal Harris partied with fame-whore Heidi Montag in Las Vegas at Wet Republic.

Coincidence that Miss Harris calls off her wedding the day her single, "Club Queen" became available iTunes? I think not. Clearly these two "ladies" have more in common besides posing nude for Playboy.

And even after experiencing such an ordeal, "The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart." He tweeted Tuesday early afternoon, "The breakup is a heart breaker, but better now than after the marriage." Hef still remains supportive and promotes the release of her single and wishes it's "a hit." If her singing is anything like her friend Heidi's up there, that's pretty unlikely. My expectations are pretty low for this one.

Jun 14, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Returns

One of my guilty pleasures, Pretty Little Liars, has returned for a second season tonight, so to mark the occasion I've decided to close out the MTV Movie Awards with images of the stars of the teen-mystery-drama. With the exception of Lucy Hale, who was not in attendance to the awards show, perhaps she was too busy admiring her Seventeen Magazine cover?

Californian native Troian Bellisario, who plays smarty-pants and Type-A personality Spencer Hastings arrived looking older than her 25 years, in a black cap-sleeved dress that still appears to be in the hemming process.

Toronto Native, and former roommate of a girl I went to High School with, Shay Mitchell who portrays the token athletic lesbian, Emily Fields arrived in a MTV-typical (yet appropriate) shimmering gold Ines Di Santo mini. A little more creativity would have been a welcome surprise, but she looks good regardless, and I'm in love with the shoes!

Former soap actress, Ashley Benson arrived in a belted, tiered Matthew Williamson dress. She looks cute, yes, but I just can't figure out what the fringe is, it looks like the material the dollar store uses to make hula skirts, speaking of the skirt, the volume isn't exactly flattering, especially when her upper half appears so tiny!

And just because she didn't walk the Red Carpet, that doesn't mean we'd forget about Lucy. I think she looks great at the cover reveal, the cover however, well it's clearly not targeted to a woman err, girl of my age.

Jun 13, 2011

MTV Movie Awards Continued

As the MMVA's approaches, and MuchMusic's commercial plugs increases, it's a reminder that I have more MTV Movie Award photos to share, and they are truly magnifique.

Forget about Nikki Reed's tragic Heather dress, instead let's focus on her beau... Am I the only one that can't decide whether she's standing next to Aussie Hugh Jackman, or fellow Aussie Keith Urban?

Also perpetually tragic, was Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr in a black and white paisley alice + olivia jumpsuit. I'd probably like this as a top, but it's a little overwhelming as a whole suit; also Jess here always appears to be trying to hard to be unique.

Is Amanda Bynes seriously wearing yet another Herve Leger bandage dress? Is this really happening? I remember when she first stepped out in in this look, over-tanned, bleached, and in a Herve Leger bandage dress and I was surprised then (and a little disappointed in her transformation) and disgusted now. The only change worth noting are her aqua-green fringed Christian Louboutin's which could possibly be awesome with something else. Take note Mandy, something ELSE!

Aly Michalka looks great on Hellcats, she's got great hair and extremely enviable abs, and yet every time I see her on a red carpet or out and about, she looks like this... an over-the-top mess.

Jun 11, 2011

MTV Movie Awards

Since MuchMusic just finished a repeat viewing of the MTV Movie Awards, I decided to look up some of the Red (or whatever colour they featured this year) carpet appearances. I was a little surprised (and disappointed) that I didn't find any major shockers or jaw droppers... I guess we'll just have to wait the MTV Music Awards in September, until then let's scrutinize the following:

Emma Stone could have easily made it into my list of favourites in her striped yellow and grey Bottega Veneta bustier dress with lace overlay, but I excluded her for reasons I can no longer describe, perhaps I miss the blonde hair? Although let's be honest, she makes an excellent ginger, especially with this strawberry shade.

Another possible contender for my previous list of favourites but was omitted for various reasons was Blake Lively who wore this fitted, electric blue Michael Kors sheath which she paired with purple suede Louboutin's. The combo is great, but of all occasions for Blake to pull out her infamous leg & titty exposure tour, MTV would be it!

I have such extreme hair envy that I can barely focus on 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld's Louis Vuitton tux. It's an interesting look and fashion statement for such a young girl to make, that I question whether she made the choice to wear this herself. I like it, but would prefer on a someone older.
Like Cameron Diaz, who attended the event in a leg baring Philip Lim romper; Which is basically the black tie version of something a 13 year old would wear...

No, really, it is. Following Cam's lead but "funning" it up with a fun floral print, 13 year old Elle Fanning walked the carpet in this adorable D&G romper, which she paired perfectly with floral wedges.

Sticking with a youthful crossover theme, Brooklyn Decker chose not to show off her enviable curves and instead wore a gold No. 21... sack. Perfect for a 6 year old to run around the yard and play in at a formal family function, but not the best choice for a 24 year old swimsuit model.

Jun 7, 2011

2011 MTV Movie Award Favourites

I'd be lying if I said I actually watched this awards show, instead I was busy sitting on a patio drinking a Skinny Bitch with great company, enjoying Toronto's beautiful weather; finally feels like summer is coming! With that said, just because I didn't watch, doesn't mean I don't take note of the fashion choices. The following are the favourites,

Katie Cassidy has often found herself in my favourites list, she has a great sense of fit and form and isn't afraid to take a bit of risk. I'm happy to see her on a carpet again, it's been too long! And she's done it again in this sultry, 70s inspired crocheted lace and knit Catherine Malandrino with nude underlay. It's very similar to a dress Chanel designed a couple years back that I was in love with... I loved it then and I love it now.

Emma Watson never disappoints, the British actress chose a white silk Marchesa mini, with embroidered cap sleeves. I love the combination of classic, yet edgy; it helps that her pixie cut isn't competing with the embellishments of the dress also. This is the first time I've actually approved of her recent cut.

I swear I've seen Kristen Stewart in a dress similar, with that said, it's hard to go wrong with Balmain! Her safety-pin covered red leather mini was originally presented as a jacket on the runway, and altered for the Twilight star.

It was clearly a great night, since we got Balmain twice! Leighton Meester also chose the flashy designer in a silver mirrored mini. Balmain always proves to be a perfect choice for such an event.

And either my plane crashed on my way home from Cuba (oh yeah! More on that later), or this summer is going to be great, because not only we were presented with two Balmain mini's, but Mila Kunis (shown with "platonic" friend Justin Timberlake) also chose the usually exclusive designer, in a black top and embellished mini.

Justin Bieber's girlfriend also made the list, looking fresh and clean (cue Outkast) in white silk Giambattista Valli separates with a print of Petit Trianon at Versailles. It's a great look, this girl will help the Biebs look less like a child, guaranteed she's gonna make him a wee-little man in no time.
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