May 5, 2011

Going to the Movies: Something Borrowed

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to catch a pre-screening of the romantic-comedy, based on the Emily Griffin bestseller, Something Borrowed, playing in theatres this Friday May 6th. Featuring Ginnifer Goodwin (He's Just Not That Into You) and Kate Hudson (Bride Wars) as Rachel and Darcy, best friends from childhood with two very different personalities, both vying for the love of the same man, Colin Egglesfield's (Melrose Place) Dex.

The plot centers around "good girl" Rachel who is often shadowed by her self-centered best friend since childhood; "The good girl" crosses the line of friendship and after a night of drinking sleeps with her best friend's fiance, and ends up falling in love with.

I realize this sounds like a drama and yet it ran like a comedy filled with romance as Rachel rediscovers herself, re-evaluates her friendship and her views on love. What I found incredible was how every woman in the audience sat there watching the screen, feeling touched by the love expressed on screen, finding it sweet or poignant and yet not finding Ginny's character despicable to betray her oldest, closest friend. It made me question if that meant that each of us, if we fell in love with the "wrong" person, would do the same.

Who doesn't love a movie that keeps you entertained, gets you laughing, yet has you pondering your own morals and ethics? I recommend catching this flick this weekend, but perhaps you may want to go with someone other than your best friend, especially if you've ever crossed that line, even if it was only in high school. Watch the trailer below:

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