Apr 11, 2011

Music Monday: Keri Hilson - One Night Stand ft Chris Brown (video)

I heard Keri Hilson's third single, "One Night Stand" featuring Chris Brown, off her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, the same time I saw the visuals for it, 3 weeks ago and clearly I was too shocked by all that I had witnessed that I've only recovered now! First off, why is she auto-tuned? Second, what's up with her two-tone hair? Although, I may like it, it's still a little shocking. I do not, however, like my third question: What is up with Chris Brown's platinum locks?!?! It looks horrible! Chris Brown also takes me to my fourth head-scratching moment, when the F*%$ did he get all those tattoos? Are they real (I've now learned they are, but I still find it hard to believe)? What he and Rihanna went through their controversy and both of them go out and get tatted? He took it a bit far.

Also, what is up with Keri being so damn aggressive and sexual lately? That's not how I like you... And why does she suddenly think she's Ciara? I've NEVER liked her, so please stop emulating her, thanks.

I honestly had difficulty listening to the song, thanks to all those jarring visual contemplations, so I can not really tell you what I honestly think of it, but so far it's not on the same level as "Pretty Girl Rock" or "The Way You Love Me."

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