Apr 20, 2011

Going to the Movies: Scream 4

Fifteen years after the original Scream was released, Wes Craven decided to reunite the characters we grew to love in the only horror film, I could actually watch (well at least the one's that survived the first three). I'm such a fan of the original that I could probably recite the entire script verbatim, but the scene that won me over was the opening scene with Drew Barrymore... the scream her mother releases was the most realistic, blood-curdling, spine chilling scream I could ever imagine, that the aspiring actress in me has nothing but respect for that nameless (at least to me) woman. After that, I made sure to catch every installment in the original trilogy, and even owned them on VHS! So it was only natural that I attended a screening of the latest installment after opening weekend.

Scream 4 boasts the tag line, "New Decade. New Rules." and throughout the film the theme, plot and character banter often highlights this, which was probably one of the biggest highlights of the flick. The characters consistently referred to movie conventions and scary movie rules, much like the original, and it often made fun of itself before you had the chance to. Part of the reason I believe I can handle these flicks is thanks to the intelligent writing, there were plenty of jump-in-your-seat moments (or in my case, hands to the face--- to cover my eyes), but it was also quite funny; plenty of laughs and chuckles, mixed with a bit of icky gore.

As for the new cast, I was a fan of Hayden Panettiere's character, Kirby. She rocked the edgy, unconventional hottie role with comedic flair. New-comer Marielle Jaffe, who played conventional hottie Olivia was, hot (see below), as was the Scream franchise original Courtney Cox! She looked incredible, although it was hard not to think about Courtney and her (ex?)-husband David Arquette acting together, as husband and wife--- who ironically we're experiencing marital difficulties after a decade of matrimony.

The biggest downside of this film was Emma Roberts. In short, she sucked. Now I've never been much of a Roberts fan as I am not familiar with her acting but I have been enjoying her fashion choices lately, which is more positivity than I may have ever given her famous aunt (Pretty Woman classic aside), so perhaps I may be considered bias... but whoa was your acting bad! There was just a whole lot of over-acting going on, bordering on campy, although perhaps that was the point-- I just can not decipher why.

Overall, worth the watch, but in the immortal words of Sidney Prescott, "You forgot the one rule of a remake, Don't fuck with the original."

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  1. Emma Roberts did suck.. But otherwise the more I get to sleep on it pretty good fourth installment...


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