Mar 22, 2011

Party Fashion!

So I had this post set and ready to write, errr.. 2 weeks ago or so? And I was gonna say something "clever" like, "just in time for the weekend, let's look at some party fashion" and then share some Oscar After-Party fashion that got my attention. Unfortunately my post was never finished, because I had to hurry myself to get ready to go support an acquaintances "DJ gig." This same gig is the one he borrowed my friends MacBook for, the same MacBook I've been using while squatting staying at her place, since mine needs a new motherboard.... Anyway, that night we left the MacBook with this alleged gentleman, only for it to be returned in the morning stinking of beer, so much so that it was still wet! Yes, someone spilled a pint of beer all over the MacBook and it was only replaced recently. So now discussing Oscar fashion on a Tuesday, weeks after said fashion has been worn, seems a bit futile... And yet, how can one resist when some of the dresses are just sooooo noteworthy.

Such as this beautiful nude and black floral lace Zuhair Murad gown that Camilla Alves wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, why she did not wear this to the actual ceremony is beyond me! If there's ever a time to pull out your best dress the Academy Awards is it, you can premiere your secondary choice at the party. Am I right, or am I right?

Which is exactly what Gwyneth Paltrow did, she wore her stunner to the ceremony and this far off, fourth maybe sixth choice for the party.... Wait, don't do that one either. Clearly I am not a fan of this tan Michael Kors jersey dress, and I had such high hopes for Gwyneth after loving the dress she wore to the Oscar's earlier this same day. Has anyone maneuvered the "after party change" gracefully? Anyone?

Looks like Marisa Tomei is as good as we're going to get. She changed out of her poorly altered vintage gown that possessed so much potential, into this simple and tailored hot pink column gown.

The following ladies didn't do much better:

I see what you were trying to do here, Anna Kendrick, I really do, and yet you look like an Oscar Party Favour in your red Notte by Marchesa mini... Like you're part of the swag bag. And although I know there are some pretty kick ass gifts in those bags, whoring yourself out to Oscar Nominees, when you've already been one, is not the best way to keep the buzz around your name.

GO UP A SIZE DAMMIT! I have no idea why you decided to crop this Carolina Herrera gown, it's making your thighs look bigger than they really are.

Or you can always do what Madonna did and forgo any form of leg coverings altogether, in hopes of escaping any thigh magnification... and in the process embarrassing the hell out of your teenage daughter. I can literally read the shame on Lourdes face, and yet at the same time, the familiarity.. Oh that zany pantless mom of yours.

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