Mar 8, 2011

Oscar's Round Two

The following are indeed Red Carpet Standouts who either fell short and were not worthy of a first round mention or stood out for all the wrong reasons. Case and point:

Marisa Tomei's poorly tailored Lily et Cie 1950 Charles James aubergine gown had so much potential for greatness, and yet the bodice was ill-fitting, It's disappointing, considering this gown had so much dramatic promise.

I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked superb and model-like in her simple Calvin Klein tank dress, she looked sexy and not as if she were trying to hard with a bunch of bells and whistles, and layers of tulle, and I'm a bit surprised most people shunned her look. Baywatch was a worldwide favourite for a reason...

I will never say anything bad about Helena Bonham-Carter, I just can't; She's far too much of a theatrical genius. Although someone should probably let her know that her Union Jack garter is a bit too low.

I only recognized Florence+the Machine singer Florence Welch because of her fashion choice, and the the fiery hair. I've never seen her face look so soft and pretty, perhaps her romantic long-sleeved, tiered canary Valentino Couture dress has reflected onto her usually edgy features.

Annette Benning, I love you, and I think you look amazing. I do wish you minaudiere did not blend so much with your Naeem Khan gown. The emerald drop earrings are great though.

My first impression of Oscar winner, Melissa Leo's gold and lace overlay dress was mediocre, it looks nice better than many of her past fashion choices, but as the night wore on, the popped collared dress grew on me. What really won me over, however, was her spider pendant!

I have a weird affection for jewelery resembling insects (and fruit), even though I have a paralyzing insectophobia. I also love how it also followed the emerald trend of the night, with the subtle gems throughout the body, and the contrast against the lace. I should own this.

I was so pleasantly pleased when I saw Michelle Williams in this full-length beaded Chanel Couture gown... until I saw the shoes! What on earth were you thinking with such closed-toe clunkers when you have on such a streamlined silhouette. On a positive note, she seemed to have a walked the carpet with Dawson's Creek alum, Busy Phillips. I find that pleasantly impressive that they are still friends.

Salut Celine! She looked superb in a simple, fitted Giorgio Armani Privé gown. C'est magnifique. No the French accent could not have been avoided.

I appreciate Mandy Moore's attempt at looking lovely, and was initially pleased with it... then I somehow forgot my initial opinion and I decided her nude, sequined Monique Lhullier gown was horrible once I saw her performance gown. I finally compared the two side by side, however and realized how horrible her performance gown was and that this was incredible...but considering a gown in comparison is never a good sign and should rarely be considered a win. So I've decided to pass on this and move on...

On to cleavage, thanks to Camilla Alves in a black taffeta Kaufman Franco with plunging neckline. Just another reminder that pregnancy can be a beautiful thing.

Halle Berry was originally in my initial list of Standouts along with many others in this list, but I finally decided that although her nude, ruffled Marchesa gown is beautiful, it's also somewhat boring. Then again, perhaps I should be happy that she's not wearing something sheer or exposing her G-String straps? Alright, this comparison is a win!

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