Mar 9, 2011

Oscar Fashion Roundup

It's time to close out Oscar night with all the ladies that I found disappointing or lackluster, which truthfully I found the entire night lacking lust. One of the biggest nights in Red Carpet Fashion was so incredibly dull and disappointing, it was very hard to get inspired to comment on any of them, unlike the 2009 Academy Awards, can we get a repeat of those please?

To really emphasize my point, let's look at Natalie Portman, who looked so incredibly sad and depressed on the Red Carpet. Her custom flowy Rodarte gown was pretty, and purple is a great colour for her, but she seemed miserable which may have influenced my opinion of her look. I really wish she took a bigger pregnancy fashion risk, but at least she kept one of her accessories interesting with the tassel earrings.

Also disappointing and in purple was Ex-Mrs Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson. Her "one of a kind" amethyst Dolce & Gabbana lace gown lacked any real inspiration and even reminded me of a black D&G mini Britney Spears wore years ago. And her hair... it looks as if she just came back from the beach and hung her head out of her limo-window to dry it. With that said, this is a step up from many of Scarlett's red-carpet mishaps as of late, except for the hair, so I'll take if I must.

Another disappointment from someone I had such high hopes for, Sandra Bullock wore a red silk faille, custom Vera Wang mermaid gown. Yawn.

Julia Ormond's lace mermaid gown, looks very similar to the Zuhair Murad Couture gown that Christina Aguilera wore to the Golden Globes, only this lacks the tailoring and perfection of her gown. It's like the A.B.S. knock-off.
Thank you Sharon Stone, for wearing ostrich feathers and Bride of Frankenstein hair, that Scarlett made famous at the Golden Globes this year. After the snooze-fest above, her black, silk crepe Dior gown is a much needed nudge.

I have no idea who Cody Horn is... And while I was originally going to say that I thought her dress was interestingly cute, and I could have done without the gloves, I have now changed my mind and wish she wore more glove... maybe even some lace leg warmers. I mean at this point, why not?

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