Feb 8, 2011

SAG Awards: Age-ism

There are some things that should just not be worn, depending on your age, and some makeup or hairstyles that are just not age appropriate. Perfect example of this are the following bevy of ladies from the 2011 SAG Awards:

Perfect example of what is age appropriate is 14 year old actress, Hailee Steinfeld looking fresh, fun and playful in a black and tangerine striped Prada column dress with flounced hem and added straps. I wouldn't want to wear this dress at this added length, but for her age and the event she's worn it perfectly!

Jennifer Lawrence almost hit the mark in this youthful, vibrant hot pink Oscar de la Renta pre-Fall 2011 thigh slit gown. The dress is perfectly young, fresh and modern (although it reminds me very much of something January Jones either has or would wear), and then she had to muss it up with that heavy makeup and severe "formal" bun/ponytail. Although, admittedly I believe I remember that hairstyle being plastered all over Seventeen Magazine's prom issues.. in the mid-90s. In fact I think I may have pulled this off a couple times (when I was 19- which was not necessarily in the 90s, those were two separate thoughts... Have I just blown my cover? Dammit! Forget about me.. Look at her hair!). Not only was the hair to severe, the makeup was much too heavy for this look.

Someone who I thought did intense eye makeup well was Glee's Dianne Agron in a navy, tea-length vintage Chanel dress. The dress looks quite great on her, except for the length was a couple inches too long and cuts her legs awkwardly, but she's working it regardless.

I love seeing this scarlet colour on Tina Fey, in a lace Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2011 gown. This is possibly the most glamorous I've seen Tina, I find her humour often shines through with her clothes, and she sometimes looks like she's just kidding around with her choices, but she nailed it tonight.

A woman who often astounds me with her ability to defy aging, and her gravity-defying cleavage, is Susan Sarandon in a aubergine, custom-made Nicole Miller column gown.

Susan Sarandon would have also looked great in this strapless tangerine Max Mara Elegante seen here on Modern Family's Sarah Hyland. Note I have just compared the fashion choices of a 20 year old girl to a 64 year old woman. That is not a good thing, Sarah. You look 32. You're practically an embryo, dress like it.

She reminds me of "Glinda the Good Witch," but I think Hot in Cleveland's Wendie Malick looks superb in this black and blue strapless ball gown. I am actually a little flabbergasted that she's 60 years old. Wow.

13 year old Ariel Winter looked spectacular and age appropriate in her knee-length, high collared cream gown. She is the epitome of young, fresh and adorable.

Not young, fresh or adorable was Angie Harmon in a baby pink, feathered Monique Lhuillier strapless ballgown. Now don't get me wrong, I actually love almost everything about this dress, I'm a sucker for feathers, but not baby pink on a 38 year old woman at the SAGs. Honestly, she could have probably made this work for her if this in were navy or purple even, and she were at the Oscar's. But this colour and her age at this event are NOT working. So Angie, send the dress my way... It's okay, I'm younger than her, I can still wear it! Besides, I'd probably wear it at a wedding.... mine.


  1. Wendy Malick is interesting to follow. Could use some modest bust improvement

    1. Maybe 500cc implants


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