Feb 14, 2011

The Perfect Vday Gift - Cartier!

I have found the perfect Valentine's Day gift! Just in time for the Hallmark Holiday, Cartier unveiled some new pieces from their LOVE Collection. The original Love bracelet was designed in the 70s and made a comeback within the past couple years, and is designed to lock around your wrist with a screw that can only be removed with a supplied Cartier screwdriver. It is intended to signify everlasting love, for the wearer and the "screwer" (yes, that's a sex pun I went with. Nothing like keeping things lovey-dovey and classy).

You can chose between the traditional Love bracelet in yellow, white and pink gold. I love the additional diamonds instead of the usual screw details, and the new multi-diamond variation. I want the classic style with Diamonds in white (above) or pink gold, it's a classic piece that can be worn daily with any ensemble, jeans and a t-shirt or an elegant gown, and would be kept for life. Anyone wanna screw me?

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