Feb 21, 2011

Grammy Misfits

It seems only appropriate that when discussing Grammy Misfits, Lady Gaga gets top billing. I mean she showed up in an EGG for Christ sakes! And if that that weren't enough she had minions carry her across the red carpet, who spoke for her... Seems to me, someone was just trying to preserve their voice, but wanted it to have more meaning.

After Gaga changed out of her Mugler by Nicola Formichetti ensemble that she performed in, she put on this anatomically enhanced black number to accept her award in. Yes those are nipples, but that's not the best part....

Butt, being the operative word. Add that to the protruding vertebrae, and it gives a whole new meaning to "Baby got back."

Doesn't Russian singer Nadeea remind you of Wilma Flintstone heading to a formal event, after doing some shopping?

Canadian singer Aleesia could have possibly made it to my list of standouts, since I actually quite liked her dress...I just couldn't look past the fact that the tone of her skin and some of the colours in her dress, matched. Step away from the Jersey Shore marathons, grab some lemon and slough!

I like it, I don't. The front looks cute, the back does not. Actually from the bust up, Naya Rivera looks odd, what's up with her hair? And from mid-thigh down, she also looks unfinished. Pass.

I'm a big fan of Roberto Cavalli and I loved this sequined, tiger patterned maxi-dress on the runway, but on Miley Cyrus it looks ill-fitting. It's a shame, because this is the purrfect event to wear such a dress, but she just didn't do it justice.

Speaking of animal prints... Imagine if I said I didn't notice anyone else wearing any? Like somehow Nicky Minaj was so incredibly covered in spots, I just assumed she was indeed a live animal? I could have almost liked her Givenchy Couture ensemble, if only she had separated the pieces, and not matched her hair (and visible bra) to it. And the hair, let's talk about the hair... Is she the Bride of Frankenstein's pet?

Even worse than Nicky's print overload is Jordin Sparks dulling of every one of my senses. Why does her Zang Toi dress have a skirt cape? Why does the rest of her look like she's attending senior prom? And why am I even mentioning her name?

Someone actually worth mentioning, Janelle Monae and while granted I think she looks cute in her Ralph Lauren tux and Colonel Sanders tie, I was hoping to see her in something different. ANYTHING different. Much like I'm bored by Sparky's Grammy choice above, and I find Gaga's shtick overdone, I crave something shockingly new and different from Janelle. I guess I'll just have to wait until her next album and next theme for that though.

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