Feb 15, 2011

2011 Grammy Standouts!

Jennifer Hudson looks so good, I'm seriously turning green. Not only is she looking all petite but she's also got this enviable wardrobe to show it off, and show off she did in a navy Versace rise and fall dress with a strap embellished bodice to show off her new tiny waist. The only area she could have altered to look even better, were the shoes... but let's face it, no one's looking at her feet anyway.

A lot of people may not have "got" Florence Welsh's Spring 2011 Givenchy Couture nude tulle gown. I loved the detailed embroidery and sequins, including the swans (which reminds me of Katy Perry's after-party dress, which I will of course share later).

I liked the gown even better from the back with the flash of orange. I thank Flo for not only her music, that saves me almost daily, but also her take on fashion. Thank you!

I often find that Basil Soda is a perfect choice for music events, and clearly Keri Hilson agrees. She looked like a futuristic, glamorous, yet sexy peacock in her cerulean blue Basil Soda Couture mini.

I heard a few people come down on Glee actress, Amber Riley for her Grammy choice, but I am a fan of her Ema Savahl strapless mini, including her gold shoulder armour. I agree, she does appear like she may be trying to be edgy, but I think she's young enough to keep this look fun. The only thing I would change are the shoes, I find them too heavy for the rest of her look. Either way, keep up the good work Amber!

Speaking of poor shoe choice, Ciara wowed me with her floaty Emilio Pucci gown. I love the blue and white halter, the cut outs, the printed skirt, including the dangerously high slit. The shoes however, WTF?! were you thinking with the shoes? On their own, the shoes are great, but paired with such a light, airy and flirty dress, they just weigh the look down, similar to her hair. J-Hud pulled the long and sleek hair off, Ciara did not; but the dress is amazing and if I could wear it, I would!

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