Dec 14, 2010

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (Album Cover)

Today Lykke Li released the cover art for her upcoming album, Wounded Rhymes on her website The art work was done by Australian artist Leif Podhajsky, who's "work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic experience" and features a photo by Sri Lankan-born fashion photographer Roger Deckker.

I am counting down the days until this will finally be released in 2011, until then I'll just have re-read the tracklist (below) while playing "Get Some" on repeat.
01 Youth Knows No Pain
02 I Follow Rivers
03 Love Out Of Lust
04 Unrequited Love
05 Get Some
06 Rich Kid Blues
07 Sadness Is A Blessing
08 I Know Places
09 Jerome
10 Silent My Song
Speaking of "Get Some," both Beck and Beastie Boy, Mike D. have got their producer hands on it, check out their remixes here. Also grab the remixes for your own collection on iTunes.

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