Dec 16, 2010

Celebrity Break-Ups: Dexter & The Green Lantern

I'm usually not this elated over break-ups especially since Ive been dealing with the sad demise of a relationship of my own... but the timing on these two are clearly perfect! You know that obnoxious saying everyone tells you when you're going through a rough patch, or dealing with the emotional downward spiral of heartache, "Everything happens for a reason," well I understand now how right they are! Can someone say fate? If there's one thing I've learned in the healing process of mending your heart and pride, is to keep as many distractions (or play things) around you as possible... who says I can't add Ryan Reynolds and Micheal C. Hall into the mix?

Yes, that's right, Ryan and Scarlett Johansson announced yesterday they are ending their 2 year marriage, while Dexter's Micheal C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter announced their amicable split Monday. What a great week this is for all the single ladies of the world!

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