Nov 15, 2010

Music Monday: Lykke Li "Get Some" (video)

Today hasn't been the most pleasant day for me, fortunately the gods are trying to ease my pain by providing some new Lykke Li in my inbox. The Swedish songbird has offered us some alternate visuals for her new single, "Get Some," directed by Swedish film director Johan Söderberg who's best known in the West for his work with Madonna.


Lykke Li will be going on tour starting in LA March 9th 2011, then she heads back to Europe and the UK and does not return to North America until May 15th. She'll be playing in New York May 17, Montreal May 21 and Toronto May 22 (Lykke's only two Canadian dates). I'll be at any one of those shows, LA-NY-MTL-TO! Who knows!? Who cares to join me?

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