Nov 1, 2010

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

I was trying to get this up yesterday, but I was having computer problems, and then I gave up and went to bed! I always love looking at what celebrities dress up as for Halloween, since often they're the people we want to be and end up emulating, it's interesting to see who's in their fantasies, plus they usually spend more money on their costumes than the average person. They also serve as excellent inspiration for the following year, and no one does it better than the Queen of Halloween:

Heidi Klum and her husband Seal have never failed to disappoint on October 31st. Even when Heidi dresses as a cat, it's never simple! I love that a woman who's made her career off her physical aesthetics isn't afraid to shed her beauty for a night of make-believe!

Another couple (are they a couple? Really Sophia? You went from marrying one co-star to dating another?! Crazy! You need to get out more!) who blew me away, One Tree Hill co-stars, Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush as Russell Brand and Katy Perry. Love it!

I just wanted to show off the full length, mostly for a shot of the shoes. I have a weakness for blue shoes, clearly I need to purchase another pair.

Another celebrity emulating couple, managing partner of Founders Fund and co-founder of Napster Sean Parker and his girlfriend Alexandra Lenas stepped out on Halloween as the biggest fame whores I've ever experienced. And this is the only way, I'll ever post something about them.

Oh McCord sisters! I wish I had either of your costumes, there's just something I love about AiW that every year I want to be Alice. This year was no different, but I still managed something cute. AnnaLynne looks wonderful as the White Queen, I love that she copied Anne Hathaway's bold wine lip, and I appreciate that her sister Angel chose a modest Alice costume. I looked at this dress, and it fit horribly, and was quite large, unfortunately I didn't think of belting it.

I have no idea what Samaire Armstrong was going for, but the guy's costume and facial expression behind her is priceless!

Rose McGowan did the Marie Antoinette thing wonderfully, although at the same time, I sort of feel like she would wear this on any given Sunday.

I barely recognize Mischa Barton's little Eskimo (is that a pc term?) warrior girl costume. Another girl who actually covered herself up (Paris Hilton, take note), well done!

Izabello Miko on the other hand, felt no need to cover herself up, and took it one step further and announced her sexual appetite with a classy t-shirt, covered in condoms. I wonder if she's trying to make a statement about the state Halloween has become, full of tits and ass? Or if this is purely ironic and she really is a deranged horny fairy?

I'm surprised I didn't see more Neytiri costumes this year, but Christina Milian pulled the look off for the most part, if it weren't for the ankles and shoes. Wait! Did I seriously just critique a costume? My apologies! I'm taking this far too seriously!

To make up for my previous critiques, I bring you Kim Kardashian and all the Halloween photos she posted of herself on Twitter this past weekend, only one in which she actually wore in public! Here she is as the Queen of Hearts; I like it.

Then she dressed up as her sister Khloe dressing up as a Jaguar/Cheetah?

Then she shared a photo of herself as a sexy pirate, but apparently her sister Kourtney was planning on wearing this costume (why she shared the photo of herself in it first, only sheds a little light on dynamics of their relationship).
And lastly Kim passed on all her above options and brought pal Jonathan Cheban to be the Big Bad Wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood. My my Red what big cleavage you have!

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