Oct 17, 2010

R.I.P. Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen

"Real life is lost, and in a bottle he tries to find it. "It's not fair", he mumbles through a nightmare."

I received this saddening news earlier today, and was in shock. For those that are not familiar with the name, Eyedea was the lyricist half of the Minnesota hip hop duo Eyedea & Abilities. He was a talented emcee with impressive freestyling skills, and an incredible flow. I've been a big fan of his voice for over half a decade, and this news affects me personally. There's something about artists we relate to and admire that encourages a sense of attachment; I find that sentiment is heightened when dealing with the loss of "underground" artists, artists that have not given their lives to the masses, those you feel are yours alone. Eyedea is one of those people. Not everyone will be affected by this tragic loss, but the small community that was lucky enough to have been introduced to his talents.

No details about Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen's death have been released as of yet. There is a memorial fundraiser page on Facebook, however, for those who would like to pay their respects by donating to his funeral.

Photo Credit: Rhymesayers.com

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  1. i completely agree. i'm truly saddened by the news.


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