Oct 10, 2010

Health Rules 6 - Think Thin

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! This past weekend I really needed to put those Health Rules and follow my own advice; besides enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, I also indulged on Friday night during a dinner party for a girlfriend visiting from Calgary for the weekend. Needless to say I overate, and really should have followed my favourite Health Rule, "Stop eating when you're full!" I may not have followed my own advice, but the best course of action is to hop back on the Healthy Horse, and pick up where you left of; and where I left off was sharing the tips from Dr. Judith Beck's The Beck Diet Solution, training ourselves to "think like a thin person."

4. Give yourself credit
Positive reinforcement is key in pumping yourself up to keep pushing through and attaining your goals. A perfect example of a time to give yourself credit, is my current situation: I over-indulged, twice in one weekend! But I still continued my workout routine, and am 100% ready to put the past behind me and start this week anew.

5. Eat slowly and mindfully
You're brain takes approximately 20 minutes to register that you're full, therefore eating slowly helps ensure that you don't over-extend your belly. Also, pay attention to what you're eating; eating while distracted can prevent your brain from registering that you've already eaten and encourage you to eat more than you really need to, so turn off the TV and enjoy every bite.

6. Find a diet coach
Dr. Beck claims this is one of the most important components to her program, since having someone to report back to, someone to share your challenges and successes will help keep you accountable.

7. Create time and energy
This is one I need to re-read for myself, since I've begun commuting 5 hours a day for work and I've lost a lot of my free time and am having difficulties fitting in my usual gym routine and eating as healthfully as I would like. I've found myself exhausted and cranky and eating microwaved meals and take-out foods, things that I normally avoid! I need to reintroduce clean eating into my diet (which is why i just picked up Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet), and I need to start planning my time better, including making my meals in advance, starting today! I wonder how many chicken salads I can fill my fridge with...

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