Oct 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Nintendo Entertainment System

I should say Happy Belated North American Birthday; yesterday October 18th the Japanese game system turned 25 years old. I remember when it first came out, and a ginger friend of mine who lived down the block got one. At first, I wasn't overly intrigued, since I had experienced my step dad's Atari and wasn't overly impressed (Spider-Man was the only game we had. I had no idea what to do with it, so I would just climb up walls, perhaps I'd have the ability to jump from building to building, but the fun ended there. I had no idea how to proceed in the game nor what the purpose of it was). One day, her older brother finally stepped away from the basement and the game console and I was introduced to Duck Hunt. Being a little girl who had been going target practicing since I was 6, I loved Duck Hunt! It allowed me to practice my shooting, without having to wait to be taken out in to the country, plus I was a bit of a show off- I had excellent aim. After that I became a little obsessed with obtaining a Nintendo game console of my own; did I? No. I was given a Sega. A few years later, a Sega Genesis. All I wanted was to play a little Super Mario Bros 3 on my own! On a positive note, at least my sister has a Wii I get to use (to weigh myself), and my cousins also have a Wii which we use to play Tennis & Dancing with the Stars

I've never been a major video game player, I lose interest quickly and get easily frustrated if I don't succeed, plus I press the controller too hard and get video-game-thumb, but I still have very fond memories playing on a Nintendo system with friends. So Happy Birthday Nintendo, may you look as youthful in another 25 years!

*Oh did I say "I remember when Nintendo first came out?" Err.. How silly of me! I meant to say, I remember when Nintendo came out...ten years later; Since I am not old enough to remember that day, clearly I was not born yet. I swear! Have I just dated myself?


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