Oct 20, 2010

Going to the Movies: Fashion Films

I realize that Sex and the City 2 was only in theatres a mere 4 months ago, but I am in need of another fashion inspiration film! I was in horrible mood all week, but especially last night, so I fell down my stairs on my way to the elliptical (yeah it was that kind of day), and slipped The Devil Wears Prada into the DVD player. After about 10 minutes I was starting to feel better, thanks to the rush of exercise endorphins, and then suddenly, my mood was lifted! Why you ask? Well my favourite part, the makeover/coat montage, began. A little Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Blahnik, Nancy Gonzalez, Narciso Rodriguez and of course in desperate need of Chanel, as Madonna's "Vogue" plays, it doesn't get any better.

By the time Andy was in Paris and I hopped off the elliptical with some bounce in my step and in a much better mood. Then it hit me, I need another uplifting fashion film, and fast, because I'm sure I'll be in the same cranky state in no time. So until they make the movie of Chasing Harry Winston or Bergdorf Blondes, I've compiled a list to hold me over.

In the past we've had the Material Girl herself in Desperately Seeking Susan, offering us large bows, white lace, cropped tights and jackets. It was all that I wanted to be in the 80s, Madonna was my hero, and her DSS look is what I emulated. Bangles up one arm, a sheer scarf tied in my hair, opaque white tights on my legs; Oh how I'd like to give little Aleashia a hug right now, 'cuz she was so darn adorable!

Even further in the past, was Madonna's main influence, Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes alongside Jane Russell. Most memorable was Marilyn's iconic hot pink satin, strapless dress (which Madonna emulated for her "Material Girl" video) during her "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" number, but overlooked are all both the ladies' everyday fashion. The navy blue sheath dress Marilyn wears at the train station, accessorized with the leopard muff, Jane's halter maillot.. It makes me want to dress like a lady and show off all my curves.

Another musical whose fashion encourages you to embrace those curves, Grease had both the voluminous poodle skirts and the body hugging pencil skirts. And who hasn't wanted a Pink Ladies jacket or skin tight satin pants? I lip-synched Olivia and John's "Summer Lovin'" during a drama class performance. The guys kept the 50s greaser look, but we ladies decided to duplicate the pink jackets, 90's grunge style, with matching plaid shirts. Looking back on it now, I see where we went wrong and how we did this stylish movie an injustice!

And to end this list, as we began, with a Anne Hathaway film; recently we were blessed with an unexpected fashion film, Alice in Wonderland. Alice has already inspired photo shoots (Vogue 2003) and infamous designers (Galliano) in the past, but as I've already described my affection, the costuming of Tim Burton's adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic fused the line between modern and traditional. It has inspired me so much that my dog is dressing up as the White Rabbit for Halloween, and you'll never guess who I'm going to be...

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