Oct 1, 2010

Fitness Friday: Health Rules 5- Think!

You know how they say weight loss is comprised of 20% exercise and 80% diet? Well they forgot to include the most important aspect in losing and maintaining a healthy weight: it's 100% mental/emotional! Fortunately there are cognitive therapist like Dr. Judith Beck who have taken their knowledge and applied it to something that plagues many, weight-loss. The following set of Healthy Goals are from her book, The Beck Diet Solution. It should be noted that although I intend to list as many of the steps listed in the book as possible, this post is in no way a substitute for reading the book itself, and I believe that many people would benefit from it's guidelines and advice.

1. "Record the advantages of losing weight"
Why do you want to lose weight? You hear all the time, "Do it for yourself/don't do it for anyone else," "do it for the right reasons, or you'll never stick to it," well what are those reasons? List them off, write them down. Do you want to look better naked? Feel more comfortable in you're own skin? Fit into a wedding dress? Whatever your reasons are, write them down; and whenever you're feeling disparaged, read those reasons back to yourself to reinforce why you're doing all of this in the first place.

2. "Pick two reasonable diets" 
Dr. Beck recommends picking one diet that counts calories and carbs etc, and one that's a set eating plan you would follow. This way you can find the style that works best for you, since let's be honest, failure is a possibility and you must accept that! It's okay to fail- it's not okay to give up. Which is why you have a backup diet, for when you discover the first attempt doesn't suit your lifestyle. Personally I find I'm more successful on a set diet, there's little room for error and I seem to enjoy the strict and stringent rules of set diets, although I find I often blur the lines between the two. I still end up counting, and will eventually add in things that were originally ommitted, or I add them in ways not prescribe by the diet. My two personal favourite diet and fitness plans are both Jillian Micheals Making the Cut, and David Kirsch's The Ultimate New York Body Plan. The latter, however, is incredibly strict and rigid, so be warned if you decide to try it.

3. "Eat sitting down"
Pretty self-explanatory, but it's an important step that we often forget since we're such a busy on-the-go culture. You'll feel more satisfied, and fuller longer when you actually take the time to sit, eat and register that you are eating. When you're mind's on another task, out bodies have a hard time connecting with our brains that we're full. Which is why you should never eat in front of the TV!

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