Oct 12, 2010

Courteney Cox, "Dancing in the Dark," Alone

While former Friends cast mate, David Shwimmer married his British girlfriend Zoe Buckman, his TV sister Courtney Cox and her husband David Arquette announced their separation after 11 years of marriage. Say it ain't so! I have a large admiration for Courteney Cox, it originated from her character, Monica, on Friends, whom I found hilarious, then my affection of Ms. Cox only grew more and more each year. A lot of it is related to her beautiful face, some of it her cute little dance on stage for Bruce Springsteen, and of course her acting talents, especially her most recent TV series, Cougar Town which I also find hilarious... and it encourages me to drink more wine, which I enjoy. I even like the name of their company, which is a combination of both their last names, and makes up one of my favourite words, Coquette Productions. Because of this I am actually personally affected by this news!

I enjoyed the odd pairing of the two, I love when opposites attract, or relationships you wouldn't predict in a million years and yet they seem perfect together. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock couldn't beat the odds (and not skank around), so all the odd couples of the world were relying on Courteney and David! Who will we turn to for inspiration and encouragement? Even Christina Aguilera and her oddly matched husband Jordan Bratman have announced that they're separating today, and she dedicated an entire album to him, proclaiming herself the luckiest woman in the world.

I find it ironic that the couple, who met and fell in love in 1996 on the set of Scream, one of the only horror films I can watch and enjoy (which my ongoing, teenaged obsession with Drew Barrymore is partially responsible for, but she divorced Tom Green years ago, so she has no place in this post), are separating shortly after the production of Scream 4, the 10 year reunion installment, has ended. Since the Scream franchise was originally intended to be a triology, and this new film, in theatres May 15 2011, is expected to spark a new triology, perhaps by Scream 6 the couple who once believed in making "an effort to stay connected" will be reunited.

On a plus side, I can now mourn the demise of this relationship with a giant glass of wine, while I watch Dewey and Gale indulge in coquettish exchanges. Do you think Courteney has to give up her cougar status, now that she's no longer involved with a man 7 years her junior? Looks like Courteney's going to have to start her own fire, and she'll be dancing in the dark, all alone. See what I did there?! Puns galore.

Yes, Courteney is that cute little boy at the end.

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