Sep 29, 2010

Shakira - Loca ft. Dizzee Rascal (Video)

It should be noted that, although Shakira's new song "Loca" is catchy and certainly poised to be the newest theme song for many of my ladies, and I'm an old school Dizzee Rascal fan, I am not actually sharing this video to promote the song.

Shakira has lost so much weight! Well enough for me to take notice, and that's quite the task, considering she wasn't even remotely "large" to begin with. Granted, I think she looks good, I am now a fan of her stomach, but I was really taken aback when I saw her diminished waist shimmying about. I then decided that Shakira and this video could definitely be used as some Fit-spiration for someone, and is the perfect lead in to this week's Health Goals. So enjoy the song, let it inspire you to get up and dance and be a little Loca yourself, and then prepare for some mental molding on Fitness Friday. You're skinny and I like it....Loca, loca, loca...

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