Sep 23, 2010

Katy Perry visits Sesame Street (Video)

After playing and singing with Elmo, she was then asked to take her cleavage and leave! Okay, it didn't go exactly like that, but it pretty much sums it up neatly. Katy arrived at Sesame Street, ready to play dress up with Elmo, but he bails on her and she sings a fun, kid friendly remix of her 2008 hit "Hot n' Cold." For those wondering, the problem was not with Katy's singing or song choice, after a clip of her appearance hit youtube, angry parents bombarded Sesame Street with complaints that Katy's dress was too low cut and revealing, clearly all were not as impressed with her cleavage as I am. Although, I'd like to state that Katy's very large breasts look minuscule (in comparison) in the clip, so she clearly has quite a bit of them hidden away. Regardless, Sesame Street has pulled the segment from airing, but those who like a little cleavage with their breakfast cereal and children's programming can still watch her run around after Elmo, below.

I see what the parents are complaining about, she could have chosen something that didn't plunge..but at least there was chest mesh, right? I myself became a little mesmerized by all the giggling, it really is difficult to look her in the eye! I am honestly disappointed about Katy's appearance being nixed, however, since let's face it, that girl is perfect for Sesame Street! She sounds like a child, looks a caricature of herself, and makes the most animated facial expressions! Kids would love her! 

But at least we still have The Smurfs movie next summer to look forward to, in which Katy assumes the role of Smurfette; and there shouldn't be a problem with the ONLY female in a village full of men, showing off a little cleavage.

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