Sep 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Flintstones!

Today September 30th, the Flintstones turn 50! This Hanna-Barbara classic brought us Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and Dino, along with their lovable, good natured neighbour Barney and Betty Rubble and their freakishly strong son Bamm-Bamm. Besides memories of the show, such as Fred carrying their saber toothed tiger Baby Puss outside at the end of the credits; stirring cement in the beak of a pelican and the comic relief offered from said pelican; and the first conception of the Smart car; children's handgames "When Pebbles was a Baby, she went like this.." and Fruity Pebbles cereal; The Flintstones brought us some cutting edge, stone aged fashion! The stone necklaces and handkerchief hemlines, and cute hair accessories even inspired celebrities 50 years later, 

Kelly Osbourne wore this Flintstones inspired dress to designer Jeremy Scott's show during New York Fashion Week February of this year. Now that's iconic! When you're still influencing pop culture 50 years later and 10 years after the last Flintstones-based program aired (excluding syndication of course)!

Happy  Birthday, Yabba Dabba Doooo!

Sep 29, 2010

Shakira - Loca ft. Dizzee Rascal (Video)

It should be noted that, although Shakira's new song "Loca" is catchy and certainly poised to be the newest theme song for many of my ladies, and I'm an old school Dizzee Rascal fan, I am not actually sharing this video to promote the song.

Shakira has lost so much weight! Well enough for me to take notice, and that's quite the task, considering she wasn't even remotely "large" to begin with. Granted, I think she looks good, I am now a fan of her stomach, but I was really taken aback when I saw her diminished waist shimmying about. I then decided that Shakira and this video could definitely be used as some Fit-spiration for someone, and is the perfect lead in to this week's Health Goals. So enjoy the song, let it inspire you to get up and dance and be a little Loca yourself, and then prepare for some mental molding on Fitness Friday. You're skinny and I like it....Loca, loca, loca...

Sep 27, 2010

Katy Perry's Sesame Teets

Katy and her double-D's may have been kicked out of Sesame Street, but the busty singer need not worry if her engagement to Russell Brand doesn't go as planned, she's made a new fan; Elmo! During an appearance on Good Morning America, the ticklish star proclaimed his affection for Katy and excitedly expressed his desire to schedule another play date with her soon, due to their segment being pulled thanks to her heaping cleavage“We’ll have another one. Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time. So we’ll have another play date! Yes Miss Katy, come, come, come, come — we’ll have another play date!” 

Katy's taking all the controversy in stride and even spoofed herself on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday, 


Next up for Chesty LeRue, a guest star appearance on a Christmas-themed episode of The Simpson's! The excessive decolletage has proved rewarding,* as Katy will appears as herself in a live-action segment, singing "The 39 Days of Christmas," joined by The Simpson's characters as puppets. I wonder if anyone will try and catch Katy under the felt mistletoe. 

*For the record, “The Fight Before Christmas,” was shot in mid-September, prior to the Sesame Street incident.

Sep 24, 2010

Fitness Friday: Health Rules 4

My next additions to our growing list of Health Rules, are focused primarily on fitness and exercise. After these, I believe it's time to start focusing on the mental and emotional aspect of fitness, health and weight loss... But until then:

6. Do intervals
Interval training is one of the best ways to maximize calorie burn, in a minimal amount of time. All you need is 20-25  minutes of interval training. I'll often do pyramids, start off with 30 secs of running, match it with 30 secs of walking at an incline, then build from 45 seconds, to 60, to 90, to 120, or as high as you want your peak to be before your pyramid begins to descend. And if you choose, you can repeat the process. Lately, however I've been doing straight 1:1 intervals; 1 min walk with a 1 min run at a high intensity, if that's too difficult try the pyramid or a 2:1 ratio, 1 min high intensity with a 2 min recover time.

7. Change up your gym routine
Perhaps you've heard the term "muscle memory," which normally refers to gaining back previous strength after a workout absence, well the memory still applies when it's being used regularly. In other words, to get the most out of your workout, you need to switch things up! Be it increasing weight, or repetitions or even doing each exercise in a different order every day. To avoid hitting a plateau, I change my routine completely every four weeks. From Jillian Micheals high-intensity circuits, to my most recent routine which focused on specific body parts on specific days: Mondays and Thursdays were devoted to upper body moves, Tuesdays were lower body weights and Fridays consisted of lower body plyometrics. After a month of following this formula, I turned to a fitness mag for ideas for my next training split, which I've been doing this past week, although I think I may find another plan before the month ends.

8. Record your training
Just like writing a food journal keeps yourself accountable for every bite you ingest, you should also keep keep a training log, that way you know exactly what you're expending. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose, but also the more calories you can and MUST take in. You need to fuel your body, remember that, you wouldn't want to reverse all the hard work you put in the gym by starving yourself and forcing your body to feed on its own muscle, would you?

Photo Credit: Philippe Halsman

Sep 23, 2010

Katy Perry visits Sesame Street (Video)

After playing and singing with Elmo, she was then asked to take her cleavage and leave! Okay, it didn't go exactly like that, but it pretty much sums it up neatly. Katy arrived at Sesame Street, ready to play dress up with Elmo, but he bails on her and she sings a fun, kid friendly remix of her 2008 hit "Hot n' Cold." For those wondering, the problem was not with Katy's singing or song choice, after a clip of her appearance hit youtube, angry parents bombarded Sesame Street with complaints that Katy's dress was too low cut and revealing, clearly all were not as impressed with her cleavage as I am. Although, I'd like to state that Katy's very large breasts look minuscule (in comparison) in the clip, so she clearly has quite a bit of them hidden away. Regardless, Sesame Street has pulled the segment from airing, but those who like a little cleavage with their breakfast cereal and children's programming can still watch her run around after Elmo, below.

I see what the parents are complaining about, she could have chosen something that didn't plunge..but at least there was chest mesh, right? I myself became a little mesmerized by all the giggling, it really is difficult to look her in the eye! I am honestly disappointed about Katy's appearance being nixed, however, since let's face it, that girl is perfect for Sesame Street! She sounds like a child, looks a caricature of herself, and makes the most animated facial expressions! Kids would love her! 

But at least we still have The Smurfs movie next summer to look forward to, in which Katy assumes the role of Smurfette; and there shouldn't be a problem with the ONLY female in a village full of men, showing off a little cleavage.

Sep 22, 2010

Bruno Mars: I Wanna Be a Billionaire so F'n Bad,

...Buy all of the coke I never had. 

That shot, was just far too easy, and yet I simply couldn't walk away; for those unaware, the artist featured on Travie McCoy's "Billionaire" and B.o.B's  "Nothing on You" Peter Hernandez, better known as Bruno Mars, was arrested this past Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for cocaine possession. He apparently confessed to doing "a foolish thing" after a bathroom attendant noticed he was taking a really long time in a bathroom stall. He then claimed to have never used drugs before....after he submitted over 2.6 grams. Quite the leap, don't you think? Going from no drugs to coke? He didn't even have a stopover at the gateway drug!? Perhaps he should have titled his latest single featuring Jr. Gong, "Coke Possession Blues," instead of "Liquor Store Blues." Zing! And that my friends is what we call a segue, a segue to the following link for the above mentioned track. Great song, I'm always a Damian Jr. Gong Marley fan, and Bruno Mars is doing big lines err things.

Bruno's album, Doo - Wop & Hooligans is available October 5th, also don't miss his performance on Saturday Night Live October 9th. 

Sep 20, 2010

Music Monday: Axe 1 Night Only Artist Revealed

Last month, Axe Music presented T.I. (and friends) in New York City for their One Night Only "secret" show. This month, the show is in L.A. and is featuring L.A. natives Weezer! If I were anywhere near the West Coast tomorrow, yeah that's right, the show is tomorrow Tuesday September 21, I'd be doing everything in my power to get to this show. For one, I am actually an old-school Weezer fan, and two- if this will be anything like the T.I. show, you can expect a fully stocked open bar and deliciously catered food! I can't help but wonder how many old favourites the guys will play, or if the majority of the set list will circle around their new album Hurley, inspired by the Lost character of the same name. A perfect Weezer set list for me would include, "Say It Ain't So," "El Scorcho," "Pink Triangle," and "Island in the Sun," just to name some of their better known "vintage" material. 

There may still be time to get your tickets, visit Axe on Twitter. I cannot be certain that Weezer will have as many special guests as T.I. but they will share the stage with Gossip Girl featured, band Kinky.

Sep 17, 2010

Fitness Friday: Health Rules 3

It's been a couple months since I've shared any additional Health Rules, so this installment will have a couple extras, but still simple and easy to accomplish. 

 4. Eat more veggies
Seems pretty obvious, but I still have difficulty with this one. I'm sure I've confessed in the past that I'm a bit of a lazy eater, so I often turn to something quick. And yes, vegetables can be quite speedy, but not as quick as a granola bar or even fruit, not to say that fruit isn't also an important aspect in your diet, but you should really be consuming more veggies than you are fruit. The easiest way to increase your veggie intake is to add some to every meal you eat.

5. Avoid bar codes
Often the problem with being a lazy eater, you do not get enough fresh food intake, since you always turn to something packaged, with a bar code. What usually comes with that bar code? Well that's simple: food that's been overly processed and usually contains high fructose corn syrup, which helps extend the shelf life of the food, and helps expand your waist. Clearly not everything that comes with a bar code is "evil," eggs for example, but you should definitely try to limit if not eliminate your intake of processed foods, which normally include a bar code.

6. Eat two eggs a day
Eggs are not only an excellent source of protein, but they can also help speed up your metabolism thanks to the phospholipid lecithin. Lecithin can also be found in cabbage, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, soy beans, split peas, seeds, and nuts, or you can try taking a supplement, as I used to.

7. Add lemon juice to water
Another way to speed up your metabolism is by adding lemon juice to your water. I recently started drinking a mug of hot lemon water before breakfast again, to help soothe a sore throat. But not only does lemon water aid a sore throat, it also helps detoxify ur liver, and according to Jackie Warner adding 500 milligrams of ascorbic acid to your diet can speed up your metabolism by 33 percent.

Keeping fit and healthy doesn't require rocket science or a degree in nutrition, these simple rules are easy to follow; although I'm still working on number 5!

Sep 15, 2010

VMA Leftovers

Ashley Greene was originally on my Standouts list, until I realized she just didn't belong. Don't get me wrong, I think her white with black overlay strapless Giambattista Valli Resort 2011 mini is great. I'd love to wear it myself, but I decided, compared to the rest on the list her look just doesn't stand out enough, especially compared to Katy Perry's Marchesa which this is quite similar only lacking that extra oomph.

Ciara's feather and lace Givenchy Fall 2010 Couture dress was definitely a standout contender. I'm generally a big fan of anything feathered (except for bangs), and I liked the ombre effect of the skirt, I just don't really like this dress as a whole.

Emma Stone looked hot in a black leather Pucci dress, and kohl rimmed eye. I've been pairing a vintage leather indigo purse with a lot of black, so naturally my favourite part of her look was her blue clutch.

Lo Bosworth wore a gold brocade, one-shoulder Gabriela Cadena dress, and somehow managed to make it look dull thanks to her hair and shoes.

Audrina Patridge looked more covered up than usual in a shimmery, silver Isaac Mizrahi belted dress.  I like her mix of metallics with her gold Balmain shoes. 

Hard Times of RJ Berger actress and former Price is Right showcase model, Amber Lancaster wore an edgy Alice Olivia LBD with embellished shoulder cut-outs and Rene Caovilla shoes. Finally she actually looks like a 30 year old woman, instead of the high school student she plays on TV! Impressive.

Oh Roxy, Roxy, Roxy. Clearly she was worried that people wouldn't notice her, unfortunately there is nothing about this that actually looks good. Nothing.

It's nice to see Sofia Vergara in something other than Carolina Herrera; her glittering Dolce & Gabbana sequined dress was an excellent choice. D&G are a perfect match for the sexy actress, and event appropriate.

Miranda Cosgrove looked innocent and sweet in a tiered navy, beaded Elise Overland cocktail dress, a perfect shade against her fair skin. This reminds me a lot of a dress I wore to a wedding last year. Irrelevant? Probably, but that is really the only additional thoughts that come to mind when I look at this. 

I remember swedish singer Robyn back in '97 with "Do You Really Want Me" (am I really special...if you really want me, don't make me wait to long..), and "Show Me Love." I never realized that inside that short haired, platinum blonde singer, she was harbouring an androgynous alien being with a penchant for 70s bomber jackets.

Sep 13, 2010

MTV Video Music Awards Standouts

Sunday night I had tweeted..err twitterred...tweeterrred? I have no idea the semantics, but I took to Twitter about one of the first fashion standouts I had spotted on the white carpet, and after the show ended Katy Perry is still on top. Her black and white sequin embroidered one-shoulder Marchesa mini is one part Marchesa lace, one part figure skating and one part Bjork's swan dress, and all parts fabulous.

An obvious standout, who I often chose not to mention for various shtick reasons, is Lady Gaga, however her Alexander McQueen gown was truly a piece of walking art. The volume added by the tulle underlay increased the drama factor, and really aided in making this a regal fashion statement. The only item I would reconsider, are her Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 armadillo hooves, but I do understand why she wore them; since they were one of the most memorable parts of the video in which she was nominated, "Bad Romance", and I'm sure as an additional homage to the designer

First off, I was impressed with Florence + the Machine, ever since I saw her take home the Brit Award for Critic's Choice for her 2009 debut album Lungs, that impression was increased after Sunday night's performance (and that performance dress was sublime). Now let's take about her white carpet gown, one of my favourites of the evening, Florence Welch wore gold lace Givenchy Fall 2010 Couture collection. It's beautiful enough to have walked the Oscar's carpet but the zipper front adds that bit of edge and makes her standout against the music crowd.

When I first saw Selena Gomez during the white carpet presentation, I wasn't entirely sure what I thought of her look. I love metallic lame, it's rare such a bold fabric is lost on me, and yet I felt it may have been a bit too "mature" for her. Then I wondered if maybe I'm just a bit of a prude and it's the perfect fun yet sophisticated gown for a young adult to wear... In the end, I decided that I am indeed a fan of her Reem Acra Resort 2011 strapless dress, especially once I looked at this photo and noticed the bejewelled trim of her bustier, it is this small detail that adds that fun and youthful spirit to her gown. I also love her silver Sergio Rossi pumps, and completely understand why she's going out of her way to show them off!

Oh Ke$ha, Ke$ha, Ke$ha, only you could take a garbage bag from Home Depot and make it look good...mostly because you're the only one who would actually think of doing so, and definitely because you are the only one who would actually wear it, and for that, I applaud you.

Eva Pigford/Marcille (the name change was probably a good thing, but perhaps done a little late, since I continue to refer to are as the former), really surprised me with her sequined and feathered Falguni and Shane Peacock mini. It was a superb choice for the occasion and she paired it with the perfect metallic blue pump, which added to the overall look, but did not detract from the intricate (busy?) dress.

Another surprise was Hills alum Stephanie Pratt, normally you'd find her (and Heidi and Audrina) in something short and tight a la Hervé Léger bandage dress, especially at an event like this, but Lo and behold (minor pun intended), Steph opted for a long, even shapeless, but no less lovely, beaded Nicole Miller gown. It reminds me of something Nicole Richie would wear, bohemian yet chic. I'm a fan, although I'm not sure how it would look on my curves but its quite flattering on Stephanie's otherwise boyish frame.

Sep 10, 2010

New York Fashion Week! Fashion's Night Out & Chanel

There is so much going on this week! First there's the Toronto International Film Festival, which I should be heading out to tonight; then the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York premieres today, which I "should" be attending (but I'm not) and to top it all off tonight is Fashion's Night Out! Fashion's Night Out? You may ask yourself, what's that? Well, in short it's the fashion industries attempts to balance out sale declines thanks to the recession, but it's also a chance to celebrate fashion, with sales from such accessible stores like Guess by Marciano, who tonight after 5pm will be having a 20% off all regular priced merchandise sale and 50% off all sale items. Or if you've ever wanted to shop at but were hesitant to purchase clothing from online, now is your chance to try something on first until October 3rd, because Piperlime is s opening their very first pop-up store in SoHo at 93 Mercer. Their grand opening, tonight, is being hosted by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Then there are all the events and sales happening in LA, like my personal favourite: 400 Dresses at DecadesTwo. Decades, one of the best shops for designer vintage will have 400 dresses for $400 or less. Then there are the parties, Lanvin's Bingo Night, Valentino's charity Poker tournament, or a chance to mingle with some hipsters at the Black Carnivale at Bowery & Bond. It's definitely a great weekend to be in NYC. 

It's also a great weekend to look like this:

Oh My Goodness! I love Blake Lively's  yellow and sapphire, beaded tribal print Marchesa Resort 2011 strapless mini! In typical Lively fashion, Blake is showing off her fabulous legs at Fashion's Night Out: The Show at Lincoln Center, and I couldn't be happier... well I could... if those were my legs, in that dress..but I'm happy for her and that counts for something.

I find it somehow ironic that Rachel Bilson is following Blake, I'm sure there's a Mischa Barton comparison to made there somewhere, I just can't seem to put my finger on it, you know, besides their shared height and leggyness, and both star(red) in CW-teenaged drama... So I can put my finger on it, but I digress! Here the former "future Mrs. Christensen" attends the re-opening of the Chanel Soho boutique last night, in Chanel of course. I'm particularly found of this fringed Fall 2010 mini, and especially like the pairing of her Brian Atwood booties, the one piece that makes me excited for fall (well boots and sweater dresses).

There is not a Chanel event that is complete without the attendance of former German model Diane Kruger. Her watercoloured ruffled, ombré Chanel Fall 2010 dress is fun and flirty, and definitely something I'd be seen in, although I'm not a fan of the lace-up booties, nor am I sure about the exposed shoulder. It feels as if she's made this otherwise chic dress a bit haphazardly sloppy, and Chanel is never haphazard!

If there isn't a Chanel event without Diane, there is not a Fashion event without Alexa Chung. I would seriously have NO idea who this girl were, if not for her insistent attendance at all things fashion. Sometimes, I find she's a girl who tries too hard to look like she's not trying at all, take her hair for example; her multi-patterned black and white Chanel Resort 2011 shift, however, is adorably chic, and fits her style tremendously, right down to her mary-jane flats.

It's simple, but not boring and I'm fully capable of appreciating a subtle stand out. Leighton Meester's geometric statement necklace is certainly what draw my eye to her, and she paired it with the perfect little black Chanel dress.

Photo Credit: WireImage &

Sep 6, 2010

The Emmy's Fashion Favourites

January Jones was one of my favourites from last year's Emmy's, but unfortunately I completely overlooked, not just her, but the entire award show in general; I was then planning on doing an entire post on the 2009 Emmy's with my Overlooked Favs from 2009 post, but then, well... I didn't. This year, January Jones is not my absolute favourite, but she's definitely in the list with her another highly detailed Versace gown, this year she chose an Atelier Versace Spring 2010 "mullet dress" made of blue silk satin petals.

Just look at that intricate detail! And I love the electric blue. She reminds me of an eel- I'd like to make a mermaid comparison since they're obviously more appealing, but thanks to the over-worn mermaid dresses, I'm using MGMT as inspiration; "Shock me like an electric eel."

I absolutely love the colours of Betty White's ensemble! She looks like cotton candy, and she's giving me a sugar high. 

The hottest mother/daughter combo I can think of, Susan Sarandon looks incredible in Donna Karen and ever since I saw her on Californication, I've had a bit of a girl crush on her daughter Eva Amurri. She's only encouraging my crushing in her strapless, Thierry Mugler gown.

First off, I am genuinely excited for the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries. Secondly, Nina Dobrev has lost a lot of weight, but I think she looks incredibly svelte in her nude, one-shoulder, floral silk Zuhair Murad gown.

Also in a stunning nude blush Zuhair Murad gown is Grammy Winning singer Jewel.  The Fall 2010 couture gown is beautifully romantic, with it's sweetheart neckline, tiers of lace topped off with a satin bow waist. It's just so lovely, it reminds me of a wedding gown worn in a time before they became such large sequined monstrosities (oh the 80s!), not sure what era, however.

Another one of my ultimate favourites, and also nude, is Claire Danes in a showstopping Swarovski crystal encrusted Armani Privé sequin beaded strapless gown. I love the shape of this dress, not quite a column, not quite mermaid, and the bodice hugs her like a second, sparkling skin.

The Office's Ellie Kemper continues the nude trend, and ups the romance factor in her blush, fan pleated tulled Tadashi Shoji Fall 2010 gown. I like how the black sash breaks up the nude tiers and I absolutely love her keyhole pumps! I find them unexpected, and I'm grateful she didn't pick something nude or metallic.

Rounding out the nudes, is another list topper, Glee actress Dianna Agron in a stunning Carolina Herrera Resort 2011 tiered lace ball-type gown. Another romantic choice shown on the red carpet, and I'm absolutely loving all these Victorian inspired lace gowns! Clearly I need to pull out my nude tiered lace top this weekend! What to pair it with? Hmmm...? Perhaps my black satin Badgley Mischka peep toes, and...skinny jeans? I'm excited for the weekend already!

I LOVE Jayma Mays, she's adorable for one, but she knows how to turn up the sex appeal, as she does here looking incredible in her navy Burberry Prorsum strapless gown. Besides the gown and its fit, I love the volume of her hair, very reminiscent of the era of Brigitte Bardot, also the era of Drew Barrymore promoting Grey Gardens

Truthfully, after examining Jayma's look for so long, Lea Michele's Oscar de la Renta has lost its sparkle. Originally, I was a fan of the silk taffeta and tulle navy gown, I fell for the colour, the fabric and the hemlines ruffles. Okay, forget my opening sentence, it's still fabulous.

I feel it should be known that I am an undefeated Champion at 6 Degrees of Separation, and besides them being married for the past 22 years I could easily link Kyra Sedgwick to her hubby Kevin Bacon, but that of course is another post.  The “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” for “The Closer” winner looked youthful and elegant in a burgundy Monique Lhuillier Fall 2010 strapless gown. I've always been a fan of this maxi-dress shape, flowing cascading fabric, with a skinny-belted waist. 

I'm not really going to shock anyone with my affection of Jennifer Carpenter’s sparkly Oday Shakar, one sleeved gown. I am truly devoted to sparkle and shine, and this shape looks superb on the Dexter actress, I especially love how she wore her hair down and on the opposite side of the sleeve as not to compete. It's those little extras that can really make a look. 

Sep 3, 2010

Fitness Friday: Kelly Osbourne's Transformation

Yesterday I was lounging around, and one of those entertainment/gossip shows were poisoning my mind via my television, with the same 5 stories they run everyday, on each show for a month long... And then they did a quick bit on Kelly Osbourne's cameo with The Pussycat Dolls (shown above), and Wow! She looks great! Although she may have lost, clearly her appearance on Dancing with the Stars jump started a new fitter, healthier, svelte Kelly!

No wonder she looks so happy (here at the Emmy's last Sunday in Tony Ward Couture)! Here's a girl who's engagement just ended because the guy cheated on her, and she's radiating joy! Weight loss success aside, that's inspiring in and of itself!

Kelly credits her success to the usual suspects such as cutting back on pop (or soda for the Americans) and swapping rice cakes for chips. She also advises that you throw out your microwave! She's got me there, convenience food, or anything that comes with a barcode, is rarely good for you and without it you'll probably eat something fresh, which often equates to something healthy. Besides working out and becoming a fan of the Bar Method (which I have yet to try, but would love to), Kelly encourages a positive mind frame, “I find that when I get depressed, that’s when I gain it all back. But as soon as I start working and I’m productive and I feel good about myself, the weight just goes.” The weight may not fall off, as Kelly describes, but I eat when I'm depressed, and definitely feel so much better about myself when I eat healthy and after I've worked out my entire mood is often lifted. I recently read that every night before bed Kelly snacks on something both carb and sugar-free to keep her metabolism pumping. Looks like it's working! I wonder how I can make this work for me? So far I'm using Ms. Osbourne's fabulous transformation here, shown at the Governor's Ball Emmy Afterparty, as a segue to my upcoming Primetime Emmy flashback! 
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