Aug 5, 2010

Spine to Spine: Perfect Beach Reads

There are a few places that I do my best reading, I'll only name two however, one is on the bus. Yes, public transportation is one of the best places to read, which I discovered in University, thanks to many mornings of "cram reading," and due to my inability to actually study/read at home. Besides not having anything better to do while you sit there, I find a book is an excellent way to drown out the teens, the crazies, the babies, although sometimes you may need some headphones to really drown them out, but the book remains present (note: It's also an excellent way to ward off unwanted conversation. I'm not saying I'm anti-social, on the contrary, but sometimes I just don't want to talk to you... Unless of course, you're batshit crazy, and in that case, I'd love to talk to you and have used such conversations for a writing assignment). The second, I've recently discovered, is on the beach (or in my backyard) laying in the sun. Since the summer began, I've exceeded my "Book a month" resolution, and am working on my 5th summertime novel. It began with Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy, which I enjoyed more than expected, so naturally I moved onto installment number two of Lauren's "fiction" trilogy, Sweet Little Lies.

Sweet Little Lies picks up where L.A. Candy left off, and as each character develops a little more, thanks in large part to the author switching between narrators and you become privy to what a select characters are thinking, you can't help but dissect who's portraying who in Lauren's real on-screen life. I originally thought that Jane's ex-boyfriend Caleb was Jason Wahler and her first love interest/but he has an on-off gf so they're just friends Braden was Brody, perhaps due to the shared first initial. Then I decided halfway through L.A. Candy that the character inspired by Brody was Jane's bf Jesse, since Jesse's famous "for being famous" and is a definite ladies man (which if there were any doubts about Brody's "lady skills," the episode of The Hills in which Lauren goes through Brody's contact list, eradicated those!). It wasn't until reading Sweet Little Lies that I discovered that Jesse had a major drinking problem, was a complete ass, on a downward spiral, and Jane let him crush her. Then I realized Jesse and Jason (there's that shared initial again) are one in the same, and Caleb had to be Stephen. Piecing together the fiction with the reality is probably my major draw to this trilogy, it's as entertaining, if not more, definitely more, than the show it was based on, and I can not wait to read the conclusion.

My follow up read to Lauren Conrad was Candace Bushnell's latest, The Carrie Diaries, which centers on... You guessed it, Carrie Bradshaw. This is not the Carrie we all know and love, however, this is Carrie before she was Carrie, pre-Sex and the City...actually, pre-sex in general. The Carrie Bradshaw we meet in The Carrie Diaries, is a 17 year old high school senior, wanting to pursue a writing career, dealing with the relationships with her friends and clashing with "popular" girls, and falling in love. It's an entertaining portrayal of how the Carrie we've come to know as an adult became the love-searching, shoe obsessed, fashionista columnist in New York City, before Miranda and Charlotte and Samantha (well...never mind). And although I can't really relate now as a full grown adult to the drama of a 17 year old girl, my inner teen can. It's also enjoyable for a over-thinker like myself to contemplate events in her past that helped mold her into the woman people see today. Who can resist an entertainment novel that encourages a little self-reflection and self-awareness? Or better yet, who would want to?

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