Aug 31, 2010

Shing Shing Regime - We Strive (video)

Today's Music Monday, may come late, but it's also coming from my teenaged hometown, H-town! Better known as Hamilton, Ontario, also better known as Steel City (we've got two steel mills, both Stelco and Dofasco), or Donut Rock Central (we have a lot of Tim Horton's...on every corner). The group is called Shing Shing Regime, and the sad thing is, I have never heard of them until today. The sadder (yeah, I used it) thing is that it was a West Coast American who informed me of this group.. from a city I reside in part time! Am I really that out of touch? Clearly I need to go out and experience more local music shows! I'm using SSR's "We Strive" video as inspiration, with all of it's Hamilton-landmark imagery,

Formed in 2007, Shing Shing Regime consists of its 2 founding emcees Born Truth and Cee Self 7 and newest addition to the regime, DJ AKiiN (a.k.a. DJ TA-VU), originally from Ojamanu Sound. I'm definitely interested in hearing more from this trio, perhaps I'll run into them while I'm scouring the streets of H-Town looking for local musical talent!


  1. West Coast American? geez... i really fell down the ladder.

  2. Hahaha. Sorry Mr. Vegas.. The point was that you were as far from the city (but still in North America) as possible, and I lived right in the area, right in the city!

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