Aug 20, 2010

Music Monday: T.I.'s Secret Show in NYC

I have been absent, and I'm deeply apologetic, BUT I have two good reasons; I was in New York all last week, and before that I was not only preparing for my trip but also getting to know my brother, for the first time in our lives! Pretty exciting and nerve-racking stuff! On the plus side, my brother and I got along famously, and I had an amazing time in NYC.  First there was the "Pre-Game Party" at Stay Lounge on Friday night, filled with an open bar, good music and lots of dancing, followed by the highly successful 2Dopeboyz BBQ, which raised money and school supply donations for kids in Haiti, and then there was T.I.'s secret show at Capitale last Monday.

We get to the very regal location, which if I'm not mistaken was once a bank? Are able to by-pass the line-up, grab our tickets and become even more overwhelmed by the buildings decor and architecture. Then I find out it's open bar! Cha-ching! I've been in a drinking mood lately, even though I know I should be avoiding alcohol, (it's a bloater and a weight loss hinder) I was happy to hold my dirty martini in my hand-until I realized it just wasn't dirty enough (plus  it was served in a plastic cup, it's just not the same), I switched to patron & pineapple- a perfect compliment to the evening's entertainment, not to mention the delicious hors d'oeuvres being carried around (yes I was an indulgent girl that evening!).

As for the entertaining, Mr. Clifford Harris was on point for his first big performance after being incarcerated; and then he took it a step further, and further, and further with his special guests. All of which were a surprise, I honestly thought since it was a free show, T.I. would perform a few songs, thank the crowd and be off. Clearly I was sorely mistaken, thank the music Gods! The first guest was the T.I. proclaimed "King of Brooklyn," so the group of us were shaking our heads in excitement, expecting Jay-Z to walk on stage. Jay-Z did not. Maino did, naturally disappointment crept its way into our psyche, but that did not last long! T.I. was then joined by none other than Mary J. Blige, someone I was excited to get to listen to live, then there was Vado, B.O.B., Trey Songz, Playboy Tre, Mr. Alicia Keys - aka Swizz Beatz, Cam'ron, and Keri Hilson! Not bad for a night filled with an open bar and free food! 

It was Keri Hilson's appearance that I enjoyed best. First off she's beautiful, second her and T.I.'s track "Got Your Back" is great song, with a very personal message from Clifford, plus the hook is contagious. I've been singing, quoting and listening to that track on repeat ever since witness their performance! 2Dopeboyz offers you a chance to watch the exact same performance I witnessed here,  along with some additional guest performances. But before you venture off, enjoy the official video for "Got Your Back," featuring a cameo from T.I.'s wife Tiny (whom he married three times two weeks ago!) below.

Just wanna let you know that we appreciate 
Everything you do for us on a day to day 
And I know we don't show you all the time but we lucky that you ours 
No bouquet of flowers could ever show how much we know we need you 
We do all that's in our power just to please you 
See boo, fuck them girls I would leave the World 'fore I leave you 
Make God say even Eve and Adam ain't got shit on these two 

We were high, 
We were low, 
but I promise I will never let you go. 
Said I got I got I got I got your back boy. 
I got I got I got I got your back boy!

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