Aug 3, 2010

Lauren Conrad Designing Another New Line

Beach Week continues with news from the epitome of the "California Girl" Ms. Lauren Conrad. After a failed signature line, The Lauren Conrad Collection debuted in 2007, followed by a much more successful partnership with Kohl's offering a lo-end LC by Lauren Conrad Collection, LC is taking another stab at a boutique price point with a contemporary line, which she explained to People will be more "specialty basics," as opposed to her more affordable line at Kohl's which is more day wear basics. Lauren's new line has her partnering with several of best friends (I wonder if Lo is one of them^), and is just in the beginning stages, but she sounds rather excited about the new venture, “It’s one thing to work with a huge retailer like Kohl’s and there is so much you get to do, but there is a little more of a thrill of doing it on your own. It’s a lot more work, it’s a lot more stressful, but it’s something I love doing so I’m really looking forward to it.” Well I'm a little excited myself. Although I was never an actual Lauren Conrad Collection customer, it was just a bit too costly for simple jersey party dresses carrying the reality starlets moniker; I was a fan of the styles she offered, so I'm interested in seeing what she'll attempt the third time around, and maybe I'll finally own a piece of LC's fashion myself.

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