Aug 6, 2010

Fitness Friday: Fit-spiration, Jessica Biel

We're nearing the end of Beach Week, which is even more depressing because it's actually getting a little chilly, so it feels like the end of, not only Beach Week, but Beach Month, better known as summer (holy commas! Those were not all necessary!). But a little wind and dark ominous clouds aren't going to stop me from laying on the sand or swimming in the now perfectly temperate waters. Which was the case today, oh yes we went to the beach today, planning on a little sun time filled with brief conversations and summer reading, then I decided to go for a swim (alone). I swam as close to the buoy as I could get without getting freaked out by the seaweed that would lightly brush my exposed skin, then would return to a spot where the sand wasn't too mushy and repeat. Yes, I'm afraid of seaweed and mushy sand- I always think a crab or some sea creature has just emerged from the otherwise firm lake bed. While getting a little fitness in with my Beach Week fun, I noticed a grey cloud slowly coming over the sky, but keeping my faith in Beach Week, I continued my back and forth swimming routine until I finally noticed the sun was gone and the sky was taken over by the giant grey cloud, I swam back to shore only to find my friends in sweaters and packing up!

Even though it was a short beach visit, I still made sure to squeeze in some abs after yoga, and have been very conscious about hitting the gym on schedule. I've turned to my latest Fit-spiration to help inspire me to get to the gym when all I want to do is laze around, Ms. Jessica Biel. I even think of Jessica to push me harder while at the gym, "What would Jessica do?"

Jessica would push harder, lift more, go stronger, that's what she do! She may have attempted to convince the world that she's a "normal" girl and hates working out, but I don't believe her! Nobody looks like that without enjoying what they're doing. I love going to the gym, I love working out, I just hate that I feel I have to do it.

But in order to feel as confident as Jessica looks, I must, I have a goal! And my goal includes duplicating Ms. Biel's tan and abs (and butt, and arms...etc)!

Photos from GQ Magazine

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