Aug 24, 2010

B.o.B Live in NYC

My week in New York, filled with all the good times and good music, has inspired a new topic week. Thanks to the horribly chilly and grey day the east coast experienced yesterday, clearly Beach Week is over, but thanks to the help of T.I. and all his special guests, Music Week has just begun! The following day after watching Bobby Ray and Playboy Tre support T.I.'s "comeback" performance, Mr. Vegas and I made a trip down to Union Square to watch them work the crowd on their own at the historic Irving Plaza.

We were fortunate enough to watch the show from the 2nd level VIP area, until the industry folk-the best viewpoint seats were saved for-showed up, then our view was obstructed and we decided to head back downstairs, into the crowd, where we usually enjoy a show. Unfortunately getting through the crowd was impossible! The sold-out show was packed, and the crowd was shoulder to shoulder, so we just hung out in the back and enjoyed the sound. The performances were great, and the energy was high, but one of the unexpected highlights of the evening were getting to chat it up with Playboy Tre, and step on to B.o.B's tour bus for a chance to meet the headliner himself. No, none of that groupie/band-aid shit either; they were both very cool, down-to-earth dudes, it makes supporting their craft all that more worthwhile. So while I'm at it, visit 2Dopeboyz to download a recent track that B.o.B is featured on, along with Playboy Tre's track "I Don't Care" off his upcoming mixtape, The Last Call.


  1. i heart mr. vegas also designed the cover art for tre's upcoming project. owwww.

  2. "I heart Mr Vegas"?
    Is that his new moniker?
    Yes, I saw the cover for Tre's mixtape, it looked good.

  3. @heard haha... freudian slip?
    thanks. just finished the backside last night.


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