Jul 5, 2010

The Roots' ?uestlove Teaming Up with Amy Winehouse & Raphael Saadiq

Shake from 2Dopeboyz.com said it best, "Despite her being one of the most batshit crazy people in the world; you can’t deny her ability to grab your soul with her voice and talent." He was referring to Grammy winner, Amy Winehouse of course, who ?uestlove from The Legendary Roots Crew has joined forces along with producer & former Tony! Toni! Toné! (and Lucy Pearl) member, Raphael Saadiq. Can you say supergroup? I cannot wait to hear what this trio will conjure up for my ears, the only setback is Amy's visa limitations. Looks like the US still doesn't want an imported drug abuser on their land, thus the closest Amy's able to get to the States is Jamaica...not exactly the best country for a recovering(?) drug addict, oh the irony. Regardless, ?uest is getting things done with whatever means necessary, via Skype or during a trip out to Europe, so hopefully we'll all get to hear this unnamed supergroup soon!


  1. haha. i was waiting to see if you could top me.
    you couldn't! unless we're talking other ways....

  2. Pffft! I topped you. I used my wicked smarts to combine both your words and mine. That's clever yo!


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