Jul 23, 2010

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (New Single)

Katy Perry has a new goal, she's already kissed a girl, and now she wants to be a Teenage Dream, and she's starting her campaign with the release of her album artwork for her upcoming album. She's seen laying naked on a cotton candy cloud, similar to her look in the "California Gurls" video, minus the lavender wig and glowing skin. Which it must be noted, serves well as a "Getting Fit" inspiration, although she doesn't appear to be a girl who works out, and was just blessed with the figure she has, Katy has some excellent, enviable curves. I may not be a teenager, but Katy certainly has me dreaming...

Let me know if Katy's worked her way into your dreams, and enjoy the artwork to her new single, "Teenage Dream" (click the song title link to download the track), album available August 24th.


  1. yesss... the hills are knocked off the top!

  2. hahaha yeah.. and now that its over, looks like they`ll never be on top again.


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