Jul 15, 2010

The Hills Finale

After 6 seasons and Kristin Cavallari's inability to revive one of the most successful reality series on TV after Lauren Conrad's departure, The Hills have hung up their bikinis and given up on their dramatic confrontations. MTV played the lackluster final episode, followed by the After Show/After party, which really did little to inform the viewers of any inside secrets nor shed light on any questions or truths. The only interesting part about the whole night was the series finale precursor, "The Hills: Revealed." That and the fashion worn by both the hosts, Dan & Jessi, and the "cast."

It's only natural that we start with the woman who started it all, and her high school nemesis cum Laguna Beach and The Hills successor, Kristin Cavallari. While I don't love Lauren's green, sequined embellished, long sleeved Mandalay backless mini, she looked beautiful and simply glowed. Clearly, she's in a better place after leaving The Hills, and perhaps she's feeling a little bit of extra satisfaction, since the show quite clearly needed her- which is always nice to know. Or maybe she's merely happy with her life, designing another season of her Lauren Conrad Line for Kohl's, working on the third installment of her New York Times best selling L.A. Candy trilogy... Yeah, that's probably it. Kristin on the other hand in a stunning nude Zuhair Murad, had the better dress, yet somehow Lauren managed to look better. Happiness really does wonders for your skin!

Whitney Port looked summery and colourful in a Matthew Williamson Spring 2010 mini for the series finale party at the Roosevelt Hotel. I love the dress, it's very pre-New York Whitney and perfect for such sunny weather, although I'm surprised she didn't use this opportunity to showcase a little of her own collection, Whitney Eve. This would have been the perfect time, since the majority of viewers of the after-show special are fans and are the most likely consumers.

I thought Audrina's hair and face looked lovely, her dress however, was far too typical Audrina, short, tight and showcasing her figure. We get it! You're body is great! We know! Stop forcing it down our throats. At the same time, with all that body-conscious Audrinaness, this dress is somehow unflattering. Perhaps she should have stopped at just tight, or short, or left the cutouts at home. You know how they say "remove one thing before you walk out the door," Audrina needs to do the opposite, and put one (or four) thing(s) on.

Stacie the Bartender is another Hills beauty with a killer body, and yet she really disappointed me with this silver lamé mini. That never happens! I love silver and lamé, but this choice is so incredibly unflattering. You know what I wish she wore... that tribal print maxi kimono she wore on the boat for Audrina's birthday (Season 6, Episode 9); Actually, I don't want her to wear it, I want her to send it to me.

Also predictable since her extreme weight-loss, Stephanie Pratt wore a strapless Hervé Léger ombré bandage dress with navy YSL platforms and matching blue Prada clutch. I like it, she looks good, but I swear this is all she, Audrina and Heidi (and Kim Kardashian, since we're calling out names) wear! Mix it up! The only thing that saves Steph from being too predictably boring, is her newest (and rather out of place) arm candy. Now that's what I call accessorizing!

Oh Lo, how I love your classically beautiful face, if only you wouldn't age it with horrible hair styles. Her Tadashi Shoji halter dress is simple but intriguing with its cord detailing twisting around the bodice. My favourite part of her look, however, were her shoes:

I absolutely LOVED her Christian Louboutin slingbacks. I love how the strappy detailing ties into the cord halter of her dress. Quite simply, I want them! You can ship them in the same box as Stacie's maxi. Thanks Lo.

One of my favourite dresses of the night, was worn by supposed comedienne, Holly Montag. I've often confessed my love of white feathered dresses, so it's really no surprise that this would have stood out to me the moment she got on stage, I just wish she did such a beautiful dress justice with a better shoe choice. I'm not suggesting Holly completely "bride herself" up in a gold, silver or white shoes, but a pop of colour isn't too much to ask. Red? Pink? Electric blue? Coral.. I don't care, just not heavy black!

What better way to end, than with the After Show and MTV’s “The Hills” Live: A Hollywood Ending Finale hosts, Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy? I love you. Both. I love that colour on Jessi, nobody can work emerald green like a ginger, and yet there's something about her dress that's reminiscent of a Tinkerbell Halloween costume gone awry. Dan, as I said, I love you, and normally love your style... Not today. I'm sick of seeing your bare ankles, and I hate your jacket. But I love you. FYI.

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