Jul 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada!

While my country turns 143, I'll be enjoying a Toronto rooftop BBQ and hot tub party with friends, and hopefully catch The Festival of Fire at Ontario Place, or any random fireworks. Will we go out and dance our burgers off? Who knows! Will I wake up extra early to make it to the gym tomorrow morning before the 2pm BBQ? Who knows! Will I wear my "Made in Canada" tank top and matching boy shorts? Absolutely!

Oh and on a grimer note: I will also be cursing (no, not "nursing" a hangover), I will be cursing the new HST tax. How dare you add tax to haircuts, salon visits and gym memberships. Fuck you McGuinty (and I'll throw Harper in there too), you're a douchebag.


  1. its not harper, its a provincial tax, not federal

  2. Yea that's true.. altho Im still a not a fan of Harper.
    Fine, fuck you Dalton McGuinty

  3. haha.. had to be anonymous.
    happy birthday to your country pretty canada girl.
    i think we've met before.
    you're alright in my books!

    ps. we gotta fix that www. "naked" issue.

  4. Yeah, I have yet to figure that out... Not really sure how to, altho I havent given it any thought or effort.


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